CAPITOL BLUES #12: MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll (Deluxe Edition 1969/1995)

I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll (1969/1995)
A 1995 ‘Deluxe’ Version Of Fred’s 1969 Classic

This Capitol Blues Collection re-issue is actually an expanded version of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s 1969 album I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll, adding 11 tracks (three previously unreleased) that were recorded at the original sessions. The other eight additional tracks were first released on Mississippi Fred McDowell: 1904-1972, just after Fred’s death. The original LP was a wryly titled classic, McDowell’s first using an electric guitar, and it still stands as one of the more engaging Delta blues albums ever. Though he’d been around since the 20s/30s, McDowell wasn’t “discovered” until the 60s, and it was this material that helped bring his name to the masses. McDowell is probably best known for writing “You Got To Move” (though, it’s disputed), immortalized in the modern era by The Rolling Stones. Thanks to ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes. We’ve got more releases in The Capitol Blues Collection, HERE. Find I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll at Amazon, HERE.

Baby Please Don’t Go (4:49)
Good Morning Little School Girl (4:28)
Kokomo Me Baby (3:02)
That’s All Right Baby (5:05)
Red Cross Store (4:06)
Everybody’s Down On Me (9:14)
61 Highway (4:45)
Glory Hallelujah (2:49)
Jesus Is On The Mainline (3:40)
Someday (4:33)
Write Me A Few Of Your Lines (3:37)
Mortgage On My Soul (4:25)
Baby Let Me Lay Down (In Your Cool Iron Bed) (4:30)
Drop Down Mama (3:44)
Rap/Louise (8:18)
Somebody Keeps Callin‘ Me (3:33)
Eyes Like An Eagle (4:40)
My Baby She Gonna Jump And Shout (Previously Unreleased) (2:40)
Long Line Skinner (Previously Unreleased) (5:54)
Baby Please Don’t Go (Alternate) (Previously Unreleased) (3:08)


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    Thanks for this one and the other Capitol blues series numbers. What a week for a blues aficionado.

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    P.S. Thanks a lot for all the music. Just realized I didn't say that in previous comment…

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    Great post!

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    The immortal Son House followed by the immortal Fred McDowell? O Captain! my Captain! You're killing us with kindness, but what a way to go. Thanks.

  • Ken K.
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    You know, a novice who had absolutely no Blues in his collection could D/L this Capitol Blues series and and the Muddy Waters Live album from The Boat, and have an instant Essential Blues Collection. This is the Mother Lode. MFM and Son House on the same day? Jeez Willard. Yer killin' me.

    Thanks again and again.

  • Art Ducko
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    Great stuff, Cap, as always. The Delta blues are the bluesiest by far. I've always said there's something in the water here, but that should include the dirt & the mud & the moon & the sky. The mojo's strong in these parts. Folks still believe the devil's at the crossroads, waiting to make you a deal you can't refuse. Greil Marcus wrote about the "old weird America". This is the place.

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    Thanks for the stunningly wonderful music!

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    Mississippi Fred is one of the greatest, no question. Thanks!

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    Blues you can use!

    Thank you Cap'n!

  • iggy
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    Hey Captain. So glad that all's right with your world again. Too many good guys vanishing into the ether. Really appreciate this Fred McDowell music. He's right there with John Hurt in my blues hall of fame. All the best to you.


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    Cool, thanks.

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    Thank you, Willard. Awesome posting, for sure.


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    Mesmerizing. The original LP is a treasure and the extra tracks are really interesting. Thank for the share.

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    Great post and excellent blog. Thank you!

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    You’re killing me with all this. Thanks!!

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    So many play the blues that shouldn’t it’s easy to forget how great the real stuff is.

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    Essential listening for anyone who genuinely regards themselves as a musicologist, and just as highly recommended for those who don’t. I always had a soft spot for the likes of Fred McDowell, Son House, and the Reverend Robert Wilkens among other blues purveyors and am happy to find you posting some of these here in the Wormholes. Quality stuff, although I’d never expect anything less from you Captain. Thank you.

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    His spoken intro’s are brilliant, thanks again, great post!

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    Hey Willard – The fact that you offer up blues curios such as this from time to time adds a certain kind of depth that most music blogs just don’t have. Thanks.

    • Willard
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      Very kind Johnny, Thanks.

  • Brian
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    one of the greats. love the schooling he gives the listener. great collection. all of this series of releases = good stuff
    I bought this when it came out. Special ordered too.

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    Thanks a lot .)

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    Thank You.
    I Bought the Original Version on Vinyl When It 1st Came Out.
    Looking Forward to Hearing the New (previously unreleased) Tracks

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    Thanks for all these great albums.

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    For some reason I’m having an issue opening the pdf for this one. I get a message “PDF failed to load PDF document”. Is it just me? I’ve tried on two different browsers. Never had problems with any DL on this site before.

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      Don’t know what to tell you. I DL’d it just now and it opened fine. The answer is typically using a different browser (or extractor for files). I’m guessing you’ve gotten the other PDFs and your Adobe software doesn’t need an upgrade, which is about all I can think of… besides trying it again. One thing you might try is making sure your previous attempts are COMPLETELY trashed before DL’ing it again. There’s always cache dumping, too.

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    All of the other PDFs worked fine and I’ve never had an issue with anything before. I finally used IE (which I hate for about a million reasons) and it finally worked. Thanks for everything (now & over the years)!

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    This one gets regular play in the car. It’s really great.

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