THE TEMPTATIONS Psychedelic Shack (1970) & Puzzle People (1969)

Psychedelic Shack (1970)
Puzzle People (1969)
You Can’t Go Wrong Here

Two classics from the Temps, bridging their transition from soul monsters to psych/rock adventurers. While the Temptations didn’t really need any help to be great, credit producer/composer Norman Whitfield with expanding the band’s musical palate with psych-timely effects – from fuzz to phase – to elevate The Temptations’ spacey soul to a higher level. A late 60s experience if there ever was one. Puzzle People has a couple of off-hand covers, but that’s the worst that can be said about it, while Psychedelic Shack is still considered a desert island disc for many. Just make sure you’ve got the proper mind supplies for this genre-bender… and a dance floor. I still remember the kid in school that turned me on to these albums. For nothing else but that.

Psychedelic Shack
You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth (2:47)
Hum Along And Dance
Take A Stroll Through Your Mind (8:38)
It’s Summer (2:36)
War (3:12)
You Need Love Like I Do (Don’t You) (3:58)
Friendship Train (7:49

I Can’t Get Next to You
Hey Jude
Don’t Let The Joneses Get You Down (4:48)
Message From A Black Man (6:05)
It’s Your Thing (3:15)
Little Green Apples (3:49)
You Don’t Love Me No More (2:39)
Since I’ve Lost You (2:46)
Running Away (2:51)
That’s the Way Love Is (3:23)
Slave (7:30)


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    Search HERE.

  • Anonymous
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    thanks, capt! my house will soon be rocking out, psychedelic soul style!

  • badassmuthafka
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    You have become like that kid for me. Thank you for turning me on to such great stuff. This is freakin' fantastic!!

  • justme
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    The Temptations were a great group to say the least. They are on my very short list of favorites. I have both of these albums at a lesser bit rate. Thanks!

  • Art Ducko
    March 26, 2010 - 07:33 | Permalink

    I described Alex Chilton's Box Tops as psychedelic soul, but here's the real deal. It's got a good beat, & you can groove your nation to it. Cool!

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    Great work as always, keep it going.

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    Thanks for another great post!

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    Wow! Nice little blast from the past by the Temps!! Great music Willard! Not to mention cool f'ing album covers! They don't make them like this anymore. THX! You da' man! —Goose

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    Thanks Willard

    Mojo magazine had a list of the 40 most psychedelic albums and this one was number 32. I am trying to get the full list so this was a great help



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