PATTI SMITH Gung Ho (2000)

Gung Ho (2000)
So Intense, It’s Hard Not To Listen

In the mid 90s, Patti Smith’s music developed an introspective calm, following the deaths of numerous family members, personal friends and artistic colleagues. But all that changed in 2000, with the release of the hard charging, socially conscious Gung Ho. Smith’s Group, made up of mostly original members, developed a fluid savvy in the studio, infusing these coiled rhythms with an urgent intensity, even in the quieter moments. I remember my first hearing, thinking (as a non-fan) that it was a well-oiled, live-in-the-studio group performance. Until “Strange Messengers.” In it, Smith charts the enslavement of the black race, but half way into this gritty, modern day “Strange Fruit,” her rant morphs into a berating diatribe, chastising the modern African-American community for disrespecting the lives of their ancestors through crack use. Whoa! No bullshit liberal coddling here. This was angry, meaningful expression. And, while Smith is known for this kind of incendiary messaging, this was the first time she conceptually woke me up. Since then, I’ve been a convert, more to her post-2000 work than past efforts, but this is the album that finally made me sit up and take notice.

One Voice
Lo and Beholden
Boy Cried Wolf
Gone Pie
China Bird
Glitter In Their Eyes
Strange Messengers
Upright Come
New Party
Libbie’s Song
Gung Ho


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    I just today about two hours ago! Pulled my copy out of one of my storage bins !!! I think you had mentioned it when you posted the Live horse's CD a few weeks ago ? And It's been on my mind ever since. It's going on iTunes tomorrow PS: Theres a good boot from this tour over at T.U.B.E if interested

    A Joke Patti told @ the Sea, WA. Show from this tour…

    "This guy go's out to rake his yard one day, and looks down and see's a snail. He picks it up and tosses it into the neighbors yard, forgets all about it."

    "About a year later theres a knock on the guys door, he opens it doesn't see anyone, then he looks down and theres the same snail from a year ago!"

    "The snail slowly looks up at him
    and says…
    "What the Fuck was that all about ?"

    I think about twenty of us laughed, fallowed by awkward silence and then the rest got it ? Or we're just being polite ?
    Love that joke !

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