HARRY NILSSON The Monkees Demos (1967)

Harry & MickyThe Monkees Demos (1967)
Harry Live In The Studio

Harry tells the story in the Personal Best anthology about these tapes, recorded on March 17, 1967, when Nilsson auditioned material for The Monkees and their producer Chip Douglas, less than a month after Harry signed to RCA Records. The performances here are short and sweet, and the sound is incredible, as Harry quickly breezes through his material on acoustic guitar and piano – often changing his mind about what he wanted everyone to hear. Michael Nesmith was floored, and you can understand why. The Monkees were struggling to record Headquarters, their first album as a real band, when Harry comes bounding in like a one-man music machine. You can hear Harry chuckle as he effortlessly shifts into harmony on “Cuddly Toy,” but note the Rubber Soul feel of Harry’s acoustic original (and his obvious, Lennon-esque phrasing) during the “You’re not the kind of girl…” bridges. The Monkees, already accustomed to high quality songwriters, would eventually cover Harry’s “Cuddly Toy,” among others. Harry even played keys and sang backup vocals on a few Monkee sessions over the years.

I Live In A World (2:05)
Signs (2:36)
Countin’ (false start) (1:00)
Countin’ (2:30)
Cuddly Toy (2:49)
Hey Little Girl (2:34)
Good Times (1:53)
Superman (a.k.a. Super-Duper Man)(false start) (0:22)
This Could Be The Night (2:10)
The Story Of Rock And Roll (1:02)



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    Thanks Willard, I couldn’t find my copy of this little gem, to share with another Harry Nilsson FANantic, so I’m really glad your link is still up and running. Your blog is still a place of endless enjoyment, with or without the For The Love Of Harry Nilsson site. Thanks my friend for all the time & effort you spend.

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    I’m late ‘getting to the point’ as usual, but for trivia’s sake, my sometime collaborator Daniel Johnston has a cut on the 2001 CD by his side-project Hyperjinx Tricycle called ‘Merry Christmas Oblio’…

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