THE ROLLING STONES 2120 South Michigan Ave. (1964)

2120 South Michigan Ave.
(The Unreleased 1964 Blues LP)

Live At Chess Studios

I had originally scored these Chess Studio sessions via some of those awful Russian bootleg two-fers that once used them as filler bonus tracks. Someone repackaged them with better, studio quality files and a spiffy fake cover for this pleasing collection. I’m not the biggest fan of the early Stones – they were just a bit rudimentary and stiff for my tastes – especially the British Invasion stuff they would traffic in. But these early live recordings made at the famed Chess Studios in Chicago (the place they made a beeline for when they first toured the States) are a lively dose of loose rockin‘ British blues, from a band that wouldn’t even truly understand the stuff for another five years or so. Five of these tracks were released on the 1964 UK EP, 5 X 5. It’s not all root blues material, there’s a lot of Chuck, and why that live version of “Satisfaction” was even added to this set is odd, but this “unreleased album” makes a great case for the Stones’ blues authenticity… if only they had not followed so closely in the pop trail blazed by The Beatles’ success. They would finally come home again for Beggars Banquet & the Mick Taylor years.

It’s All Over Now*
I Can’t Be Satisfied*
Stewed And Keefed
Around And Around*
Confessin‘ The Blues*
Down In The Bottom
Empty Heart
Hi- Heel Sneakers*
Down The Road Apiece
If You Need Me
Look What You’ve Done
Tell Me Baby
Time Is On My Side (Version 1)
Reelin‘ And Rockin
Don’t You Lie To Me
2120 South Michigan Avenue
What A Shame
Fanny Mae
Little Red Rooster
Time Is On My Side (Version 2)
Goodbye Girl
Key To The Highway**
Mercy, Mercy (Version 1)
Mercy, Mercy (Version 2)
That’s How Strong My Love Is
The Under-Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (from Shindig, May 1965)

Recorded *June 11-12, 1964 **November 8, 1964 ***May, 1965


  • Capt. Willard
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    Get it HERE.

  • Exeter
    November 14, 2010 - 19:37 | Permalink

    This is one great CD! I actually even bought a copy over a year ago. Nice one!

  • OpenGTuning
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    Thanks for this, knew they recorded that 5X5 ep at Chess, its great to get an album of those sessions.

  • Goose
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    Cap, I don't know why I haven't grabbed this yet until today. I have a rip of 5 x 5… but to have the entire thing is priceless! This is a great album – Live at Chess Studios. Can't stop listening to it. Thanks man!

  • W
    February 19, 2011 - 04:35 | Permalink

    Cool. Glad you're digging it. Thanks.

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    I like the period when The Stones and Dylan were on a (somewhat) parallel track with The Beatles but this earlier stuff is fascinating as well. Thanks Willard!

  • LeSamourai
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    Thanks, Capt. Willard!

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