JOHN COLTRANE Interstellar Space (1967/1974/1991) & NELS CLINE/GREGG BENDIAN Interstellar Space Revisited (1999)

NELS CLINE/GREGG BENDIAN Interstellar Space Revisited (1999)
JOHN COLTRANE Interstellar Space (1967/1974/1991)
Two Approaches To Controlled Chaos (And Beauty)

Recorded in 1967, but so unconventional it went unreleased until 1974, John Coltrane’s last album, a sax/percussion exploration with drummer Rashied Ali, sounds almost tame compared to what can be done with two instruments and a recording studio these days. Neatly evidenced by guitarist Nels Cline’s shredding tribute. While it’s impossible to actually compare these two musical/emotional outbursts, it’s still fun to try. Given the nature of the wild improvisation offered, however, you’ll quickly hear that the only thing that these albums have in common is a title. And, of course, Coltrane’s spirit of adventure. This version of the original is the 1991 re-issue (with a bonus track), while Cline’s 1999 guitar & drums offering – recorded live the previous year – captures what he’s most celebrated for… unfettered improv. So Wilco fans (Cline joined the indie rockers in 2004) can probably sit this one out. Recent (and presumably, upgraded) reissues of both Interstellar Space, (HERE) and Interstellar Space Revisited (HERE) are at Amazon.

Mars (10:48)
Leo (10:59)
Venus (8:31)
Jupiter Variation (6:50) Bonus Track
Jupiter (5:26)
Saturn (11:37)

Mars (8:29)
Leo (11:45)
Venus (12:16)
Jupiter (12:09)
Saturn (8:25)
Lonnie’s Lament (6:34)


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    Get it HERE.

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    Glad to see the site back up Willard. This is a great album. Fans of this might also like Coltrane's Ole'.

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    Thanks for the comment. I've got a LOT of Coltrane, but don't bother posting it here. You can see the response it gets in this forum. Thanks.

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    ..i discovered Nels Cline thx to you, and then i saw this Coltrane correlation (i am Jazz near-illiterate)and so i did the obvious: Compared. First Nels, then the Real Deal. Now i'm listening to them at the same time, and you all should too. STUPENDOUS as is my GRATITUDE. A.Wrekk -{Coltrane in front of me – Cline from the other room.}

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    Now THAT'S outside.

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    Thank you.

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    I see that I’m a little late to this party, but many thanks for all the Coltrane you have on the sight. really great.

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      Thanks for commenting.

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