DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND Sincerely (1976) & Twilley Don’t Mind (1977)

Sincerely (1976)
Twilley Don’t Mind (1977)
Part Of The 70s Great Pop Rebirth

Dwight Twilley wasn’t the luckiest of guys. A series of coporate setbacks and some bad timing helped make The Dwight Twilley Band more “influential” than popular among the new pop groups of the mid-70s. Despite these two great albums, radio play (“I’m On Fire,” “Looking For The Magic”), a market ready for a pop rebirth, and the similarly constructed Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers priming the pump, Dwight Twilley (and partner Phil Seymour) just couldn’t catch the breaks when they were needed. Both of these pop gems are the out-of-print DCC Compact Classic issues (with bonus tracks), which were made using the original master mix tapes and are, presumably, higher quality. Amazon has a 2007 two-fer combining both of these albums onto one CD. Check comments for more DT.

I’m On Fire
Could Be Love
Feeling In The Dark
You Were So Warm
I’m Losing You
Release Me
Three Persons
Baby Let’s Cruise
Just Like The Sun
Did You See What Happened (Bonus Track)
Look Like An Angel (Bonus Track)
Miserable Lady (Bonus Track)
Rock Yourself, Son (Bonus Track)

Twilley Don’t Mind
Looking For The Magic
That I Remember
Rock And Roll 47
Trying To Find My Baby
Here She Comes
Chance To Get Away
Fallin’ In Love
(Bonus Track)


  • Capt. Willard
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    Get them all HERE.

  • Anonymous
    November 25, 2010 - 07:03 | Permalink

    Thanks for reposting two of the greatest albums ever to grace vinyl/digital. Just found the redux today after too long in the wastelands. Happy holidays and good wishes to everyone. JohnnyKinkdom

  • Don from Oregon
    July 9, 2011 - 18:05 | Permalink

    Hi Willard.
    I already have these, but since I just noticed that you had them I thought I would leave a comment. Dwight and Phil are amazing musicians, and the song “Sincerely” has to be one of the coolest forgotten songs in all of history. Im on Fire may have been the hit, but I was COMPLETELY blown away by “Sincerely”. If anybody is reading this and wants a truly amazing piece of work, do yourselves a favor and get this. And prepare to have your mind blown by that track and all the others. They really should have been stars

  • Willard
    July 9, 2011 - 18:15 | Permalink

    Thanks Don. I remember being mesmerized by the entire album back in the day. But, “Sincerely” is particularly good.

  • YankeeBoy
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  • Mark
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    *ahem*…And the song “Sincerely” is the greatest John Lennon song that was never written or recorded by the Fab himself. It is reverby and Ringo-ish, with butt loads(technical term) of backwards guitars It is one of the eeriest tunes you will ever hear. And it is from 1975.
    Michael Stipe did not invent the vocal with lyrics that cannot be understood it seems. Apparently it was invented by Dwight Twilley.

  • July 16, 2012 - 22:02 | Permalink

    Man alive. This is wonderful.

  • Kwai Chang
    July 16, 2012 - 23:37 | Permalink

    The lyrics of Sincerely?
    I’m still looking and listening…
    The ‘Twilley’ album is great and now on disc…I can’t believe it. The guitar solo on Runaway reminds me of Taxman’s shredder from Macca. Thanks and Thanks.
    The great lost twilley album is pretty hard to come by nowadays, also.
    I can’t believe that fame was always an inch away from his grasp…
    The Beatles Tribute album is awesome…Better than most.

    • July 17, 2012 - 00:23 | Permalink

      I am not sure what the lyrics are. everyone has a different version and the on-line versions are incorrect. Does anybody have the original lyric sheet that came with the album?

  • Kwai Chang
    July 17, 2012 - 10:03 | Permalink

    I have original copies…no lyric sheet.
    “and so you believe
    that you know your heart
    and what you need
    is SINcerely”
    …that’s about as far as I got

  • Eremenko
    July 17, 2012 - 13:31 | Permalink

    Thanks a lot. Fantastic

  • Kwai Chang
    July 18, 2012 - 15:28 | Permalink

    I don’t know what to do with these:
    I was going to put them in C-Box…but they don’t last long there:

    Phil Seymour – (1st + 3bonus):

    Dwight Twilley- Between The Cracks (Rarities01):

  • wkc
    July 22, 2012 - 14:18 | Permalink

    Thanks for all the Twilley posts – great stuff. anyone with a link for wild dogs & 47 moons? would be very grateful

  • Grateful
    July 27, 2012 - 12:00 | Permalink

    Here is 47 & a hard to find boot:

    TulsaGirl (boot)

  • Borgzwa
    March 15, 2013 - 02:05 | Permalink

    I know this is probably a longshot, but since I missed out – anyway to get a another upload on the mediafire links from grateful? I love Twilley music…

  • Willard
    March 15, 2013 - 09:50 | Permalink

    Links are working. You have to try MediaFire more than once, they sometimes give false negatives.

  • August 4, 2014 - 06:50 | Permalink

    Thanks so much, Willard. I haven’t heard either in years, as my vinyl copies are in storage along with almost everything else i own….never bought ’em on CD and I’m really curious ti hear them remastered. I love almost all of “Sincerely”, but “Looking for the Magic” from “Don’t Mind” is one of my favorite things ever; I remember hearing it on NYC’s WNEW-FM on a high school morning and having one of those “who’s that??!!” moments, even listening from my clock radio…..

  • Anonymous
    April 8, 2016 - 10:18 | Permalink

    thanks guys im really enjoying Dwights music

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