THE EVERLY BROTHERS EB ’84 (1984) & Born Yesterday (1986)

EB ’84 (1984)
Born Yesterday (1986)
Dave Edmunds Resurrects The Everlys

Not many fireworks, but a fine retro-fit by Dave Edmunds in bringing The Everly Brothers back from the brink for a new generation. First brush won’t wow you like it might on paper, and if these albums have a fault, it’s that producer Edmunds is a tad too respectful of the Brothers’ legacy, dousing the sound in a familiar reverb that DE pinched directly from The Everlys‘ era in the first place. Personally, I might have preferred hearing the boys more naked… or backed by a vital variation of Rockpile, which they do come close to on a couple of rockers (“Danger, Danger” and “I Know Love”). Paul McCartney donates “On The Wings Of A Nightingale,” which the Everlys effortlessly make into their own. Repeated listens will bring out the beauty of the song selection and The Brothers’ timeless abilities with a melody… the 80s/50s production values, be damned. The haunting Don Everly original, “Asleep,” dignifies their aging compositional chops, and their two Dylan covers, “Lay Lady Lay” and “Abandoned Love,” are a cut above the norm, too. Fine EB’84 (HERE) and Born Yesterday (HERE) at Amazon. Both are out of print, so collectors’ prices are in effect.

EB ’84
On The Wings Of A Nightingale
Danger Danger
The Story Of Me
I’m Takin‘ My Time
The First In Line
Lay Lady Lay
Following The Sun
You Make It Seem So Easy
More Than I Can Handle

Amanda Ruth
I Know Love
Born Yesterday
These Shoes
Arms Of Mary
That Uncertain Feeling
Thinkin‘ Bout You
Why Worry
Abandoned Love
Don’t Say Goodnight
Always Drive a Cadillac
You Send Me


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    EB '84 is a classic!!! Thanks!!

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    Great stuff, thank you!

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    Hi there…i’m looking for an Everly Brothers track called Drive In Dandy. It originally was on a cassette that included Turned Down and other demos, and on an acetate. Ever come across that??

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