THRILLCAT (oneword) (1993)

(oneword) (1993)
Smartypants Popsters

A three piece (with friends) more elastic than the original 10cc and more polished than anyone has a right to expect from new guys. On (oneword), Thrillcat get eerily close to pop perfection with hooks Squeeze and Crowded House would kill for. Shimmering lead vocals laced with rich harmonies, bright music beds, an abundance of nifty ideas, all with a light pop sheen that doesn’t sound corny in these guys’ hands. The vibrant “Ordinary People” and the gorgeous “Water” get the point across. Thrillcat would only release a few albums, but this 1993 debut was their most articulate. Due to its obscurity, you can find these at Amazon for a penny.

All Come True
Ordinary People
American Dreamer
A Strange Thing I Feel
What’s That Say About Love
Mephistopheles Seed
Somebody Hold Me



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