BECK/ INXS Record Club No. 4: Kick (2010) & Kick (1987)

BECK Record Club No. 4: Kick (2010)
Beck And His Pals Re-Record Kick In A Day

The fourth installment of Beck’s take on the classics, another free release, recorded in a single day (March 3, 2010) and issued, a track a week, via live studio videos. For No. 4, Beck & Co. take on INXS‘ pop smash, Kick. As with Mr. Beck’s No. 1 (The Velvet Underground & Nico), No. 2 (The Songs Of Leonard Cohen) and No. 3 (Skip Spence’s Oar), the recordings feature a rotating cast of characters, this time including members of The Liars, St. Vincent and legendary psych band, Os Mutantes. Hit the website to see all the videos in the series. For comparison’s sake, you’re invited to grab INXS‘ original, too.

Guns In The Sky (2:21)
New Sensation (3:40)
Devil Inside (5:16)
Need You Tonight (3:06)
Mediate (2:32)
The Loved One (3:37)
Wild Life (3:10)
Never Tear Us Apart (3:06)
Mystify (3:18)
Kick (3:14)
Calling All Nations (3:04)
Tiny Daggers (3:30)

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