THE BEARS Rise And Shine (1988)

Rise And Shine (1988)
Pope Pop The 2nd

The Bears were created when guitarist Adrian Belew discovered The Raisins in a Cincinnati bar, and he offered to produce their debut 1983 album. Afterwards, he liked them so much he joined the newly re-christened band and went on to create two, long out-of-print power pop classics in the late 80s. Both Rise And Shine and their debut, The Bears, are now available on iTunes after decades of neglect, though… Belew states on his website that the band is receiving zero royalties for iTunes sales. He doesn’t sound bitter, just glad the albums are being made available to fans. So don’t feel guilty about grabbing either of The Bears’ first two pop classics, bristling with ringing guitars, mouth-watering harmonies and youthful, energetic pop smarts. Rise And Shine introduces some new, varied elements into the mix, probably Belew’s newly embedded influence on The Raisins, who had created the blueprint long before Adrian first noticed them. Rise And Shine also includes reworked versions of two songs from the debut, “Man Behind The Curtain (Revisited)” and “Figure It Out.” More Bears in the archives. Find Rise And Shine at Amazon, HERE.

Aches And Pains (3:20)
Save Me (3:42)
Robobo’s Beef (3:41)
Not Worlds Apart (3:32)
Nobody’s Fool (2:57)
Highway 2 (0:52)
Little Blue River (3:04)
Rabbit Manor (2:48)
Holy Mack (3:21)
Complicated Potatoes (2:36)
You Can Buy Friends (2:39)
The Best Laid Plans (3:00)
Old Fat Cadillac (3:05)
Girls With Clouds (3:16)
Man Behind The Curtain (Revisited) (4:12)
Figure It Out (3:31)


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    Get it HERE.

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    I remember the band, but don’t know them at all. Looking forward to it and thanks….

    • Willard
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      We’ve got most of their CDs here. Make sure you get the debut.

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