THE SWIMMING POOL Q’s The Firing Squad For God (1987)

The Firing Squad For God (1987)
The Roots Of The Q’s New Wave Blues

I used to see these guys in the late 70s when they were playing Southern dives like The Buffalo Roadhouse. They were a guaranteed riot back in the day and The Firing Squad For God – a 12″ EP with 5 tracks of hellfire blues & Beefheartian weirdness recorded between 1982 & 1987 – was a return to that early, manic form. The title track features thinly disguised audio tapes of Nixonian TV Evangelist/Tithe Collector Robert Tilton (“If Newsweek calls, say I’m in a meetin‘”). The lead guitar/harmonica duet near the end are from another world. Angular guitars are all over the place. Some of the imagery is pure theatre. A 15 minute blast of the Pool Q’s as a stripped down new wave/blues combo, echoing their debut 1979 single, “Rat Bait.” Fun. A vinyl rip, as its never been on CD.

The Firing Squad for God (4:41)
El Presidenté (1:53)
Working in the Nut Plant (4:58)
Hip-Hype (2:39)


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    Search HERE

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    Always been a fan of the Q’s. Their Royal Academy of Reality is a great overlooked prog-rock album. Any idea what Jeff is up to these days?
    Thanks for this.

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      Presumably still at it. He just released another Supreme Court album with Glenn Phillips, which we have a sample of, along with the old Supreme Court debut, Goes Electric. Find those HERE.

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