THE RAISINS Everything And More – Volumes One, Two & Three (1985)

Everything And More – Volume One (1985)
Everything And More – Volume Two (1985)
Everything And More – Volume Three (1985)
BONUS: More… Everything (1985)
Four Hours Of The Raisins’ Collected Rarities, Pre-Bears & psychodots

Fantastic, 3-cassette collection of rarities from The Raisins, the pure pop precursor to The Bears (with Adrian Belew) and psychodots. These were originally put together by the band in 1985 to “present all the material we unleashed” during 1980-1985. The idea was to provide fans with an audio farewell and, hopefully, spur sales of official Raisins product to latecomers. According to the liner notes (included), the songs are sequenced in the order they were written and no official album tunes are included (though, lots of live recordings and some unreleased studio cuts are). Fans will notice that a few tunes are early blueprints for songs that would surface later in The Bears. Volume Three‘s “You Gotta Wonder” is an early take of “Robobo’s Beef” (from 1988’s Rise And Shine), while some of “‘Possom In The City” would be co-opted for “None Of The Above,” the kick off to The Bears’ 1987 debut album. There’s also a coolly skewed version of The Beatles’ “Dr. Robert,” as a stylistic identifier. Almost four hours of one of the more inventive, roundly ignored pop bands of the 80s. As the band states in the liners, “we never hit it big, but the songs are living proof that we were successful.” Indeed. This post wouldn’t exist without our pal BC, who went to a lot of trouble to rip and tag this ultra-rare collection for us all to enjoy. So give thanks. The band would later sell a CD version of this cassette collection at gigs (though, those are rumored to be in super small quantities… possibly as low as the hundreds). We got a few more oddities from a fan site and have included those here, too.

Willing Accomplice (3:52)
Stella (4:26)
Mingles/Mic Chat (0:38)
Ice/Mic Chat (0:19)
I Like Ice (2:55)
Stealin‘ Dad’s Beer (3:31)
Dirt (2:29)
Dr. Robert (4:38)
Too Much Is Enough (3:25)
Sugar Baby Honey Pie (3:14)
Baby Hunt (Pt. 1) (3:28)
Quarters (3:11)
Get Out Of The Way (3:42)
Gimme Love (3:10)
Subsistance Dance (7:40)
Fountain Square (6:31)
Porkopolis (4:22)
Women Of My Life (4:08)
Clive (3:37)
Thugs (3:52)
The Problem (4:05)
Leopards (5:50)
Consumed With Love (4:08)

The Last V-8
Takes Too Long (2:54)
The Bottom Line (3:28)
Wanting It (4:25)
No (4:25)
Quit It (4:18)
Girls (3:21)
My Red Truck (4:24)
One More Sunny Day (4:36)
Patton In Love (3:50)
Love In An Instant (3:35)
Home Sweet Home (3:28)
All Summer Long (7:55)
Sucker Punch (3:30)
Creep Like Me (2:51)
Straight Line (6:27)
Funny Things (3:16)
Animal Heaven (4:11)
True Love Has No Brain (3:20)
Shut It Off (4:14)
Little Thang (3:48)

You Gotta Wonder
My Mommy, My Sister, My Wife (0:43)
Movin‘ Again (5:22)
Florida (4:34)
Vodka/Mic Chat (0:27)
Hillbilly Break Dance (Traditional) (1:34)
Artichoke (4:19)
Time Flies (3:14)
Let’s Go (3:58)
King Of Beers (3:04)
Planet Y (3:59)
‘Possum In The City (4:55)
Slave/Dressmaker (7:37)
QCA/Mic Chat (1:01)
Kansas City (5:47)

The Bottom Line
Quarters (live) (3:49)
The Sporting Life (live) (3:49)
The Sporting Life (live, same as above with off-color banter) (5:38)



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    Get it all HERE.

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    Thanks a lot for this great collection, very much appreciated!

  • Ess En
    April 10, 2014 - 15:13 | Permalink

    The Raisins & psychodots have provided me some of my favorite live music experiences, ever. I am privileged to be in their realm. Still have my original cassettes of this release.

    Side note: When The Bears broke up, the eventual ‘dots reverted to “The “Raisins” name for a couple years. The next change wasn’t until the release of the “psychodots” disc.

    You’ve got a great site here, Capt. Willard!

  • Ess En
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    Supplies are very limited, but if you are looking for Raisins or psychodots CDs, they can be found here:

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    Can’t get links to work.

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      They’re working OK. Cheeze, you need to upgrade your browser, or something. It seems like you’re always having issues with working links.

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    i would love to purchase this 3 cassette compilation. I used to own this in 1988.

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