BILL HICKS Chicago ’89 & San Francisco 1993

Chicago ’89
San Francisco 1993

Two Unreleased Live Shows

Here are two unreleased live shows from the late, great comic Bill Hicks. AMG states Hicks’ “work confronted the hypocrisies of late-20th century American life, divining comedy from the more evil impulses of the government and the mass media while assaulting the soullessness of mainstream culture.” He’s acerbic, slightly confrontational, a shit-stirrer and, above all, pessimistically funny. Not sure where I got these, but thanks. We’ve got a bizarre Hicks show in the archives and there’s plenty of official product at Amazon.

Until That First Show In Chicago (1:44)
I Had A Good Time Yesterday (3:28)
Is That Mister Bum? (2:35)
Out Dancin’ To Their Lights (2:03)
The Door Is A Jar (3:16)
Two Lighters A Day (3:56)
Gooberosity (3:51)
Freeze Dried And Mailed Home (2:28)
Henry Lee Hicks (3:10)
Crotchless G String (0:49)
My Three Weeks (0:43)
I Had To Use A Shoehorn Once (3:08)
People Are Such Retards (4:12)
Grab Hiz Hay Yid (1:25)
Shit, I Could Do That (1:17)
Any Questions (6:58)
You Need Fresh Towels? (3:00)
Do I Seem Jaded To You People? (2:57)

Glad You Brought A Book
It’s Not A Talk Show (4:43)
The Hate Camel (1:58)
Heather’s Two Mommys (2:30)
A Virus With Shoes (2:51)
God’s Got A Way With Words (5:45)
Hell Is Non-Smoking (2:19)
There’s A Ledge Beyond The Edge (1:51)
We’re All Jack The Ripper (2:07)
That’s The Story Of Jesus (4:23)
He Din’nt Mean Ta Hit Me Offuhsur (4:19)
And Hoplessness Reigns (3:06)
Speaking Of Satan (1:50)
Dad’s Not Getting Off On These (4:01)
And Vernon Spoke (4:47)
That’s How Ya Do It, Towelhead (1:30)
I Did Think Of That, I Was Two At The Time (2:37)
Evolution Of Ideas (14:42)



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    Get them HERE.

  • RoBurque
    November 23, 2010 - 06:06 | Permalink

    My two favorite comedians of all time? Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks.

    I was too young to catch Lenny live; I was only eleven when he died, but I did catch Bill a few times in NYC.
    Thank you for all of the great shares!

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