MARS BONFIRE Faster Than The Speed Of Life (1969)

Faster Than The Speed Of Life (1969)
Steppenwolf’s Ghost Writer

Here’s another one from the hard drive, picked up at some point, somewhere from somebody (many thanks). An album so nice, they issued it twice. Mars Bonfire (a.k.a. Dennis Edmonton) was a member of Sparrow (the precursor to Steppenwolf), offering numerous songs to the band before leaving to go solo, just before Steppenwolf’s debut. “Born To Be Wild” and “Faster Than The Speed Of Life” (the key tracks from the first two Steppenwolf albums) were this album’s cornerstones, as well. But… success never happened for Mars. Which is too bad, because his only album (first issued in 1968 with a different track listing/running order) isn’t bad, if you like trippy, drug infused psychedelia lite – a far cry from Steppenwolf’s ballsy, bluesy, “heavy metal” raucous. Not surprisingly, when Steppenwolf began losing some of their mojo, they turned to three more tracks (*) from this album to include on 1971’s For Ladies Only. Amazingly, Mars is still at Amazon.

Faster Than The Speed Of Life
Born To Be Wild
Sad Eyes
Lady Moon Walker
Ride With Me Baby*
How Much Older Will We Grow
So Alive With Love
(I Wanna Get Lost) In Christina’s Arms
The Night Time’s For You*

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