PRIMUS June 2010 Rehearsal (2010)

June 2010 Rehearsal (2010)
Free Stuff From Primus

King Crimson fans may enjoy the latest free download from Les Claypool and Primus, as the band mines some of the rhythmically intensive repetition KC is famous for. Of course, Primus injects a twist of oddball humor into most of their work, making for an uncommon listen. Four songs, around 26 minutes. Quite cool and downloadable via links in comments or, in exchange for your email address, directly from Primus’ website. We’re got Claypool’s cool tribute to Pink Floyd’s Animals in the archives.

Pudding Time (5:05)
American Life (7:45)
Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread (4:47)
Harold Of The Rocks (8:44)



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