ELTON JOHN Elton John (1970) & Tumbleweed Connection (1970)

Elton John (1970)
Tumbleweed Connection
Introducing Elton John…

These days, it’s easy to forget what an immense talent Elton John possessed. He hit the 70s like a fireball, with a melodicism unmatched by almost anyone else the post-Beatles landscape had to offer. He wasn’t for everybody’s tastes, but he had mainstream marketability and a distinctive individualism that made him a double threat. Like many teens, I saw those first pictures of him that surfaced – flying horizontally while pounding the piano – and thought, ‘I gotta see this guy.’ In St. Louis, he was scheduled to open a small theater show for Clapton’s Derek & The Dominos, but he exploded so big, so fast, he canceled out and came back a few months later headlining Kiel Auditorium. I was disappointed on both counts. First, missing him at Kiel Opera House (replaced on The Dominos bill by Toe Fat), then second, finding out those mad flying kicks only took place during the show’s final song. Nonetheless… for me, he was a favorite for years, until his insane output and quickly evolving stylistic variety (kind of like early Costello in both respects) began to morph into the kind of over-the-top bombast that most associate with his name to this day. Ripped from the 2004 SACD (Super Audio) discs, with bonus tracks, these somber, piano-based albums should require no introduction. Tumbleweed was released only months after Elton John, yet Reginald and lyricist Bernie Taupin had already moved on to a new sound and style, establishing from the outset that John was unafraid to tamper with his own successful formula, even if commerciality was clearly embedded in his DNA. There are other, arguably better, EJ albums, Madman, Honey Chateau and, for those that like John’s inner Liberace, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, but these two albums (the early recordings, Empty Sky, notwithstanding) are where it all begins. Elton’s latest include a three-CD live set, The Red Piano – Live 2009 (HERE) and a new collaboration with the great Leon Russell, The Union (HERE).

Your Song (4:05
I Need You To Turn To (2:34)
Take Me To The Pilot (3:47)
No Shoe Strings On Louise (3:33)
First Episode At Hienton (4:49)
Sixty Years On (4:37)
Border Song (3:22)
The Greatest Discovery (4:14)
The Cage (3:31)
The King Must Die (5:24)
Bad Side Of The Moon (3:16) (Bonus Track)
Grey Seal (3:37) (Bonus Track)
Rock And Roll Madonna (4:53) (Bonus Track)

Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun (4:59)
Come Down In Time
Country Comfort (5:07)
Son Of Your Father (3:48)
My Father’s Gun (6:21)
Where To Now St. Peter? (4:13)
Love Song (3:42)
Amoreena (5:00)
Talking Old Soldiers (4:09)
Burn Down The Mission (6:37)
Into The Old Man’s Shoes (4:05) (Bonus Track)
Madman Across The Water (Original Version) (8:57) (Bonus Track)



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    Get them HERE.

  • Anonymous
    August 31, 2012 - 04:46 | Permalink

    It’s odd to see “Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun” on Elton John as a bonus track when Tumbleweed Connections was originally released with that song as the first track on the LP. Weird!

  • Willard
    August 31, 2012 - 08:41 | Permalink

    It’s not odd at all when you screw up the listing. It’s been like that for years and you’re the first to mention it. Thanks for the catch.

  • Anonymous
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    I got a chuckle from your message, It was very nicely put. I guess since I’m on permanent disability I have more free time on my hands than I thought. A great post of 2 brilliant albums. Bravo!

  • Willard
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    When I first saw your comment I thought, ‘what is he talking about?’ Then I looked at the post. Thanks again.

  • KDNYfm
    April 4, 2013 - 13:42 | Permalink

    Tumbleweed Connection is still my favorite EJ album. Thanx for both of these W!

  • Anonymous
    July 21, 2013 - 07:06 | Permalink

    Whatever happened to Elton
    John after….maybe Blue Moves?…..He seemed to have disappeared…..”Up his own existence” but…in the meantime 2 early albums from which he never ever surpassed…oh well…thanks for the share Willard.

  • 25thBeatle
    July 27, 2013 - 19:21 | Permalink

    Love Tumbleweed … actually found the LP laying on the side of a major street back in 1971. Side two was trashed/scratched and I basically wore out side One. NOW a chance to enjoy the entire album.
    Thanks Williard

  • eyonewt
    August 12, 2013 - 22:27 | Permalink

    My favorite Elton John albums ever! Thanks for the post!

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