JOHNNY CASH At Folsom Prison (1968/1999) & At San Quentin – Complete 1969 Concert (1969/2000)

At Folsom Prison (1968/1999)
At San Quentin – Complete 1969 Concert (1969/2000)
What Would JC Do?

Nothing captures the essence, spirit and greatness of the late Johnny Cash like these two live prison albums from 1968 & 1969. They’re not his greatest recordings or his slickest performances, but there’s no better representation of his image, toughness, sincerity and empathy with an audience – a captive audience – than At Folsom Prison and At San Quentin. I’m partial to San Quentin, myself, which has tougher material and a rawer atmosphere, compared to Folsom Prison‘s more polished post-production (except for some of the outtake additions, which are occasionally marred by missed cues and laughter from Cash). There are poignant moments on each, including Cash’s performances of material written by inmates and his compositions dealing directly with the prisons themselves, by name – including “San Quentin,” which received a response so rousing, Cash was pressed to play it twice, and “Folsom Prison Blues,” featuring one of music’s most iconic lines (“I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”). Though he’d been repeatedly warned of what he couldn’t/shouldn’t say by prison officials, Cash was having none of it – conveying violent tales of murder, revenge and retribution aimed directly at the hearts and souls of the men inside. And, you can’t help but love JC’s ongoing taunts to authority, his salty language (edited from the original LPs, but not here) and drug references, both personal and in song. June Carter, Carl Perkins and The Statler Brothers appear (among others) and Cash introduces “Wanted Man,” a song co-written with Bob Dylan a week before this performance. As great as both of these expanded editions are, Columbia has also released At Folsom Prison (HERE) and At San Quentin (HERE) as 2CD/1DVD box sets.

Folsom Prison Blues (2:43)
Busted (1:25)
Dark As The Dungeon (3:05)
I Still Miss Someone (1:38)
Cocaine Blues (3:01)
25 Minutes To Go (3:31)
Orange Blossom Special (3:01)
The Long Black Veil (3:58)
Send A Picture Of Mother (2:11)
The Wall (1:37)
Dirty Old Egg-Suckin‘ Dog (1:30)
Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart (2:17)
Joe Bean (2:26)
Jackson (With June Carter) (3:12)
Give My Love To Rose (With June Carter) (2:41)
I Got Stripes (1:57)
The Legend Of John Henry’s Hammer (7:08)
Green, Green Grass Of Home (2:30)
Greystone Chapel (6:02)

Big River
I Still Miss Someone (1:52)
Wreck Of The Old ’97 (2:05)
I Walk The Line (3:29)
Darlin‘ Companion (3:21)
I Don’t Know Where I’m Bound (2:24)
Starkville City Jail (6:15)
San Quentin (4:07)
San Quentin (3:13)
Wanted Man (3:24)
A Boy Named Sue (3:59)
(There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley (2:30)
Folsom Prison Blues (4:24)
Ring Of Fire (2:07)
He Turned The Water Into Wine (4:01)
Daddy Sang Bass (2:43)
The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago (2:16)
Closing Medley (5:09)



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