SWEET The Best 37 Glamrock Songs Ever (1998)

The Best 37 Glamrock Songs Ever (1998)

First things first. While Sweet may have epitomized the concept of glam rock/bubblegum/pop rock-metal, this 1998 collection hardly lives up to its billing. Even if it does sound like a title Sweet themselves might have suggested. But, this generous comp does provide a handy go-to for those of us who’ve heard and/or enjoyed any of Sweet’s radio runs in the early and mid-70s. I’m a “Love Is Like Oxygen” man, myself, believing it to be one of the band’s few convincing, pure pop concoctions. They’ve scored points (with others) via tunes like “Ballroom Blitz” (1973) and “Fox On The Run” (1974) – whose chorus is a sly re-write of Jeff Lynne’s Move classic, “Do Ya.” Sweet’s success (with Lynne’s hooks) may have even prompted Lynne to re-record the 1972 tune himself for Electric Light Orchestra’s New World Record, a year later. All that said, The Best 37 Glamrock Songs Ever has more than its share of filler and cringe-inducing moments, but when the band hit their marks, their success made a lasting impression on the likes of Queen and Cheap Trick, among others, while reminding us all that there’s a peculiar majesty to be found in pop music… no matter how contrived it may be. Amazon.

Ballroom Blitz (4:04)
Blockbuster (3:14)
Burn On The Flame (3:38)
Spotlight (2:45)
Fox On The Run (3:24)
Fever Of Love (4:01)
Stairway To The Stars (3:05)
Love Is Like Oxygen (3:47)
Paperback Writer (2:21)
Alexander Graham Bell (2:55)
Poppa Joe (3:07)
Tom Tom Turnaround (4:07)
Wig Wam Bam (3:02)
Midnight To Daylight (4:10)
Rebel Rouser (3:25)
The Lies In Your Eyes (3:47)
Silverbird (3:26)
The Man With The Golden Arm (8:31)

Teenage Rampage
The Six Teens (4:03)
Rock & Roll Disgrace (3:52)
Action (3:19)
Need A Lot Of Lovin’ (3:02)
Done Me Wrong All Right (2:56)
Cover Girl (3:34)
Hell Raiser (3:18)
Live For Today (3:18)
Turn It Down (3:31)
4th Of July (4:25)
Lost Angels (4:02)
Little Willy (3:16)
Funny Funny (2:47)
Co-Co (3:11)
Lucille/Great Balls Of Fire (2:48)
Peppermint Twist (3:30)
A.C.D.C. (3:27)
Sweet & Foxy ’98 Dance Mix (5:28)



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