DEAD BOYS Younger, Louder & Snottier – The Rough Mixes

Younger, Louder & Snottier The Rough Mixes (1977/1997)
Never Better Dead Boys

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Dead Boys. I knew they were kinda shitty, but then… real punk bands – like avant garde bands – are sometimes hard to distinguish the good from the bad. The Dead Boys had the right idea – at the right time, even – but outside forces seemed to wreak havoc with their potential. Including two producers, Genya Raven (10 Wheel Drive) and Felix Pappalardi (Mountain), both of whom failed to get the full gist of the punk movement. Sire, the Boys’ thought-to-be-cool record label, literally pushed them away by demanding a more sellable sound. The fact that they were able to create at least one punk classic, “Sonic Reducer,” speaks well for their promise… not much for their career. This short & sweet, 10 song listen features unreleased, rough mixes (maybe a generation or two removed) of the band’s 1977 debut album, Young, Loud And Snotty. An oft-recycled online retail review points out that “this mix gives you a better sense of the bands’ twin guitar attack. Both guitar players (Cheetah Chrome and Jimmy Zero) played distinctive lead parts simultaneously. But on the Genya Raven mix of YL&S, she usually favors one guitar with the other more buried. On this mix, you can really hear the interplay between the two guitar players.” This is the legit release from Bomp!, but there’s also an alternate cover (HERE) (or boot) that’s so ludicrous you’ll not soon forget it. I had the pleasure of catching a drunken, worthless set by the late, great Stiv Bator, when The Lords Of The New Church (Steve’s last band) played a sterile, strip mall “club” (with no stage), back in the late 80s. In what is best described as a disaster gig, the night began with Stiv dropping his pants to expose himself outside the club’s back door. He ended his garbled and mumbled set by falling into the drum kit in front of about 20 (staff included) people that bothered to make it to the show. Truth is, the experience was exactly what I paid for, and more memorable than Queen, according to my Random Access Memory concert chip. Find this one at Amazon, HERE.

Sonic Reducer (3:01
All This And More (2:44)
What Love is (2:05)
Not Anymore (3:33)
Ain’t Nothin‘ To Do (3:27)
Caught With The Meat In You Mouth (2:03)
Hey Little Girl (2:51)
I Need Lunch (3:26)
High Tension Wire (2:58)
Down In Flames (2:08)


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