BERNARD HERRMANN The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) – Limited Edition, In Stereo w/ Bonus Tracks

The Day The Earth Stood StillThe Day The Earth Stood Still
Sci-Fi’s Definitive Music Score, circa 1951

LIMITED EDITION UPGRADE While he was composing one of science fiction’s greatest music scores, Bernard Herrmann had not yet conceived of The Outer Space Suite (later used in The Twilight Zone) or his visionary work with the great Alfred Hitchcock. Herrmann’s film career began in 1941 with Citizen Kane and ended in 1976 with Taxi Driver, which should tell you something about the guy’s depth and consistent quality. Composed in 1951, The Day The Earth Stood Still‘s sound and style touched virtually every sci-fi score that followed, even into 60s television shows like “Lost In Space.” (In fact, some of this music was actually used in the un-aired pilot for the show, before composer John Williams was brought in for the TV series.) Plenty of Herrmann’s patented tension-through-repetition style is evident, as is this music’s genre-defining Theremin work. It’s before-you-were-born music that can creep you out like nothing else. An all-time great that should be in any soundtrack collection. This is the Limited (to 1,200 copies) Edition offered in true stereo, with cool bonus tracks, where you can hear conductors Herrmann and Alfred Newman fine-tuning the sounds and effects. There’s more from the essential Bernard Herrmann in the archives, including Twilight Zone: The 40th Anniversary Collection (4CDs HERE), The Twilight Zone (Unreleased Box) – 51 Original Television Soundtrack Scores, 1959-1964 (7CDs HERE), The Twilight Zone (Conducted By Joel McNeely) (HERE) and Psycho x 3 (HERE). WATCH THE CLASSIC MOVIE, HERE. Find The Day The Earth Stood Still at Amazon, HERE.

Prelude/Outer Space/Radar (3:52)
Danger (0:25)
Klaatu (2:19)
Gort/The Visor And The Ray/The Telescope (2:28)
Escape (0:56)
Arlington (1:12)
Lincoln Memorial (1:32)
Nocturne/The Flashlight/The Robot/Space Control (6:02)
The Elevator/The Magnetic Pull/The Study/The Conference/The Jeweler (4:33)
Panic (0:46)
The Glowing/Alone/Gort’s Rage/Nikto/Captive/Terror (5:14)
The Prison (1:45)
Rebirth (1:37)
Departure (0:56)
Farewell (0:37)
Finale (0:39)
Solar Diamonds I & II (1:08) (Unused)
Outer Space (1:58) (Without Theremin Track)
The Magetic Pull (1:56) (Without Overlays)
The Visor And The Ray (2:17) (Separated Elements)
Discrete Theremin Tracks (5:39)
Studio Rehearsals And Outtakes (12:58)


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