DOMINIC FRONTIERE The Outer Limits (Television Soundtrack 1963-1965)

The Outer Limits (1963-1965)
The Original TV Soundtrack

Due to a minuscule effects budget, The Outer Limits was always considered a second banana to Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Rod had the literary clout and the Limits got stuck with the crappy monsters, regardless of how beloved the show has always been. Musically, composer and conductor Dominic Frontiere‘s memorable soundtrack is filled with some inventive cues, even if he did lean towards the high violin school of suspense scoring. This disc even includes a few of the show’s sound effects, as well as the iconic Control Voice introduction. Hear the “Main Title” below. Fun Fact: Composer Frontiere spent nine months in jail after he was convicted of scalping 16,000 Super Bowl tickets and failing to report the income to the IRS. Amazon has it HERE.

Control Voice Introduction
The Outer Limits
Main Title
Suite From The Man Who Was Never Born
Suite From The Hundred Days Of The Dragon
Suite From Nightmare
The Outer Limits
End Title
The Outer Limits
Sound Effects Library
Control Voice Sign Off



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