PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS August 15, 1974 Abbey Road Studios

August 15, 1974
Abbey Road Studios

PMW Live In The Studio

More well-known Paul McCartney material from the hard drive. Recorded live in Abbey Road Studios, August 15, 1974, when Paul was filming One Hand Clapping, a supposed follow up to his previous year’s television special, James Paul McCartney. The concept was PMW rehearsing in the studio for their upcoming world tour. The reason it’s not more well known is because not long after filming, invisible drummer Geoff Britton was canned, the tour never happened and the TV show was scrapped. The sound is great… though, not studio perfect, and boasts some solid performances, full band accompaniment (including horn players), plenty of between song patter and alternate takes, including two version of the obscure b-side, “Soily.” Play with the Google and you might find the footage somewhere. Listen to “Hi Hi Hi” below, which is kicked off by the tail end of “Wild Life.”

One Hand Clapping (1:28)
Jet (4:01)
Soily (4:05)
Little Woman Love/C Moon (5:40)
Maybe I’m Amazed (5:23)
My Love (4:30)
Bluebird (3:52)
Live And Let Die (3:32)
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (6:20)
Junior’s Farm (Take 16) (4:29)
Soily (Take 7) (4:12)
Jet (3:59)
Let Me Roll It (4:54)
Wild Life/Hi Hi Hi (3:17)
Go Now (3:57)
Band On The Run (Take 6) (5:48)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (2:59)
Junior’s Farm (4:42)



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