ELVIS COSTELLO The Rhino Bonus Disc Series (17CD)

The Rhino Bonus Discs
e Alternate Costello

An alternate universe Elvis Costello catalog, released during his years at Rhino, from around 2001-2006. These are all of the (now out of print) bonus CDs from the Rhino reissue series. There are plenty of stand-out, must-have tracks in all of this non-LP material, including the 8-song set of acoustic demos attached to King Of America, followed by EC’s 45/duet with T-Bone Burnett, as The Coward Brothers. Get Happy!! was already jammed packed at 20 songs on 12″ vinyl. The bonus disc has thirty extra tracks, much of it alternate takes – essentially an unreleased, alt double album in the same vein. EC’s time in Nashville, with greats like Billy Sherrill and George Jones, produced some good material… and 27 bonuses, including demos and live stuff. The Kojak Variety, recorded in ’90, but not released until ’95, offers a slew of unreleased cover songs. And, Elvis singing covers is always interesting. There are plenty of hidden gems, too, including those essential early b-sides. For a breakdown on the material and re-issue differences, this place seems to have done all the leg work. I haven’t investigated any of the recent re-reissues on Costello’s new label. I’m sure they’re great. But, I’m not dropping another dime on material that’s overhauled with every label switch. Tell that to McCartney, too! Besides, these 17 Rhinos are outstanding. Click the covers for some cheap, used hard copies at Amazon. Thanks to JD, Wimpy & Ruby Escort for helping to complete this post.

My Aim Is True Bonus Disc
No Action (Early Version) (2:16)
Living In Paradise (Early Version) (3:00)
Radio Sweetheart (2:32)
Stranger In The House (3:04)
I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (Live) (2:28)
Less Than Zero (“Dallas Version”) (4:19)
Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver) (3:40)
Mystery Dance (Honky Tonk Demo) (2:16)
Cheap Reward (Honky Tonk Demo) (2:18)
Jump Up (Honky Tonk Demo) (2:10)
Wave A White Flag (Honky Tonk Demo) (1:59)
Blame It On Cain (Honky Tonk Demo) (3:34)
Poison Moon (Honky Tonk Demo) (1:53)

This Year’s Model Bonus Disc
Big Tears (3:12)
Crawling To The USA (2:55)
Running Out Of Angels (Demo) (2:05)
Greenshirt (Demo)
Big Boys (Demo) (3:01)
You Belong To Me (Capital Radio Version) (1:56)
Radio, Radio (Capital Radio Version) (3:01)
Neat Neat Neat (Live) (3:16)
Roadette Song (Live) (5:40)
This Year’s Girl (Alternate Eden Studios Version) (2:10)
(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea (Basing Street Studios Version) (3:01)
Stranger In The House (BBC Version) (4:15)

Armed Forces Bonus Disc
Busy Bodies (Alternate Version) (3:49)
Talking In The Dark (1:58)
Big Boys (Alternate Version) (2:57)
Clean Money (2:00)
Wednesday Week (2:07)
My Funny Valentine (1:34)
Accidents Will Happen (Live) (3:19)
Mystery Dance (Live) (2:02)
Goon Squad (Live) (3:42)
Party Girl (Live) (3:20)
Stranger In The House (Live) (3:52)
Alison (Live) (3:09)
Lipstick Vogue (Live) (4:26)
Watching The Detectives (Live) (5:52)
You Belong To Me (Live) (2:39)
Chemistry Class (Live Solo)

Get Happy Bonus Disc
I Stand Accused (Alternate Version) (3:10)
So Young (3:28)
Girls Talk (1:56)
Human Touch (Alternate Version) ( 2:20)
Temptation (Alternate Version) (2:29)
Motel Matches (Alternate Take) (2:27)
Clowntime Is Over No. 2 (3:46)
B Movie (Alternate Version) (2:27)
Girls Talk (Alternate Version)
Getting Mighty Crowded (2:09)
From A Whisper To A Scream (Alternate Version) (2:31)
Watch Your Step (Alternate Version) (2:03)
Dr. Luther’s Assistant (3:29)
Ghost Train (3:07)
New Lace Sleeves (Alternate Version) (3:48)
Hoover Factory (1:46)
Just A Memory (2:17)
I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down (Alternate Version) (2:46)
New Amsterdam (Alternate Version)
Black And White World (Demo) (1:52)
Riot Act (Demo) ( 2:50)
5ive Gears In Reverse (Demo) (2:33)
Love For Tender (Demo) (2:08)
Men Called Uncle (Demo) (2:06)
King Horse (Demo) (2:46)
Seven O’Clock (Demo) (2:01)
High Fidelity (Live) (3:17)
Opportunity (Live) (2:33)
The Imposter (Live) (2:11)
Don’t Look Back (Live) (4:42)

Trust Bonus Disc
Black Sails In The Sunset (3:10)
Big Sister (2:18)
Tewnty-Five To Twelve (4:06)
Sad About Girls (2:49)
From A Whisper To A Scream (Alternative Version) (3:27)
Watch Your Step (Alternate Version) (2:47)
Clubland (Alternative Take) (4:04)
You’ll Never Be A Man (
Alternate Take) (3:11)
Slow Down (2:24)
Big Sister (Alternative Version) (5:08)
Black Sails In The Sunset (Alternative Version) (3:08)
Hoover Factory (Alternative Version) (1:48)
Love For Sale (3:04)
Boy With A Problem (Single Version) (2:34)
Weeper’s Dream (1:07)
Gloomy Sunday (3:16)
The Long Honeymoon (Instrumental Piano Demo) (1:41)

Almost Blue Bonus Disc
Stranger In The House (with George Jones) (3:39)
We Oughta Be Ashamed (with Johnny Cash) (2:48)
Radio Sweetheart (Live) (3:15)
Stranger In The House (Live) (3:57)
Psycho (Live) (3:36)
If I Could Put Them All Together
(I’d Have You) (Live) (2:29)
Motel Matches (Live) (2:22)
He’ll Have To Go (Live) (2:52)
Girls Talk (Live) (1:47)
Too Far Gone (“Lost Session” Version) (3:12)
He’s Got You (“Lost Session” Version) (3:52)
Honky Tonk Girl (2:27)
That’s Why I’m Walking (2:22)
Wondering (2:22)
Darling You Know I Wouldn’t Lie (2:39)
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
Blues Keep Calling (2:08)
Tears Before Bedtime (2:27)
Psycho (3:23)
Cry, Cry, Cry (2:51)
I’ll Take Care Of You (3:12)
Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven (1:59)
Brand New Heartache (Live) (2:30)
There Won’t Be Anymore (Live) (2:32)
Sittin’ And Thinkin’ (Live) (2:52)
Honey Hush (Live) (2:31)
I’m Your Toy (Live) (4:02)

Imperial Bedroom Bonus Disc
The Land Of Give And Take (Early Version Of “Beyond Belief”) (3:06)
Tears Before Bedtime (Alternate Version) (3:04)
Man Out Of Time (Alternate Version) (3:44)
Human Hands (Early Version) (2:45)
Kid About It (Alternate Version) (3:19)
Little Savage (Alternate Version) (3:07)
You Little Fool (Alternate Version) (2:59)
Town Cryer (Fast Version) (2:16)
Little Goody Two Shoes (Alternate Version) (3:11)
The Town Where Time Stood Still (Alternate Version) (2:57)
And In Every Home (Rehearsal) (3:13)
I Turn Around (2:11)
From Head To Toe (2:36)
The World Of Broken Hearts (3:03)
Night Time (2:56)
Really Mystified (2:06)
The Stamping Ground (3:11)
Shabby Doll (Demo) (4:21)
Man Out Of Time (Demo) (3:27)
You Little Fool (Demo) (3:11)
Town Cryer (Demo) (3:03)
Seconds Of Pleasure (Demo) (3:20)
Imperial Bedroom (2:48)

Punch The Clock Bonus Disc
Everyday I Write The Book (Alternate Version) (2:23)
Baby Pictures (1:31)
Heathen Town (3:10)
The Flirting Kind (3:02)
Walking On Thin Ice (3:48)
Big Sister’s Clothes/Stand Down Margaret (BBC Session) (5:18)
Danger Zone (BBC Session) (2:18)
Seconds Of Pleasure (3:45)
The Town Where Time Stood Still (3:33)
The World And His Wife (Solo Version) (2:45)
Shatterproof (2:15)
Heathen Town (Demo) (2:18)
The Flirting Kind (Demo) (2:53)
Let Them All Talk (Demo) (2:15)
King Of Thieves (Demo) (3:21)
The Invisible Man (Demo) (2:12)
The Element Within Her (Demo) (2:14)
Love Went Mad (Demo) (3:01)
The Greatest Thing (Demo) (2:26)
Mouth Almighty (Demo) (3:03)
Charm School (Demo) (2:17)
Possession (Live) (2:30)
Secondary Modern (Live) (3:03)
The Bells (Live) (4:14)
Watch Your Step (Live) (3:22)
Back Stabbers/King Horse (Live) (4:48)

Goodbye Cruel World Bonus Disc
The Only Flame In Town (Alternate Version) (4:05)
Young Boy Blues (Demo) (3:28)
Turning The Town Red (3:15)
I Hope You’re Happy Now (2:52)
Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (with Madness) (2:55)
Get Yourself Another Fool (4:03)
Baby It’s You (with Nick Lowe) (3:12)
I Wanna Be Loved (Demo) (3:22)
The Great Unknown (Demo) (2:36)
She Loves The Jerk (Demo) (3:11)
Turning The Town Red (Demo) (3:38)
Peace In Our Time (Demo) (3:31)
Withered And Died (3:12)
The Comedians (Demo) (2:26)
Inch By Inch (Demo) (2:12)
Mystery Voice (Demo) (2:24)
Joe Porterhouse (Demo) (3:19)
The Town Where Time Stood Still (Demo) (2:15)
Blue Murder On Union Avenue (Demo) (2:30)
Home Truth (Demo) (3:06)
The Only Flame In Town (Demo) (4:13)
Worthless Thing (Live) (3:10)
Sleepless Nights (Live) (2:41)
What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend (Live) (2:10)
Motel Matches (Live) (2:39)
Love Field (Live) (3:21)

King Of America
Bonus Disc

Having It All (Solo Demo)
Suffering Face (Solo Demo) (3:08)
Deportee (Solo Demo) (3:36)
Indoor Fireworks (Solo Demo) (3:49)
I Hope You’re Happy Now (Solo Demo) (3:06)
Poisoned Rose (Solo Demo) (4:12)
I’ll Wear It Proudly (Solo Demo) (3:25)
Jack Of All Parades (Solo Demo) (3:33)
The People’s Limousine (3:43)
They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me (2:54)
King Of Confidence (Outtake) (2:49)
Shoes Without Heels
End Of The Rainbow (Solo Demo) (3:28)
Betrayal (Outtake) (2:25)
That’s How You Got Killed Before (Live) (3:14)
The Big Light (Live) (3:08)
It Tears Me Up (Live) (3:27)
The Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line (Live) (2:42)
Your Mind Is On Vacation/Your Funeral My Trial (Live) (5:16)
That’s How You Got Killed Before (Reprise) (Live) (7:00)
True Love Ways (Live) (3:33)

Blood And Chocolate Bonus Disc
Leave My Kitten Alone (3:25)
New Rhythm Method (2:30)
Forgive Her Anything (New Version) (3:51)
Crimes Of Paris (Electric Version) (4:37)
Uncomplicated (Alternate Version) (3:06)
Battered Old Bird (Alternate Version) ( 4:24)
Seven Day Weekend (with Jimmy Cliff) (2:39)
Blue Chair (Single Version) (3:41)
Baby’s Got A Brand New Hairdo (3:25)
American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version) (3:36)
All These Things (3:04)
Pouring Water On A Drowning Man (2:35)
Running Out Of Fools (2:35)
Tell Me Right Now (3:06)
Lonely Blue Boy (2:04)

Spike Bonus Disc
Miss Macbeth (Demo) (3:51)
…This Town… (Demo) (3:50)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Demo) (4:07)
Coal Train Robberies (Demo) (2:52)
Satellite (Demo) (4:51)
Pads, Paws And Claws (Demo) (2:08)
Let Him Dangle (Demo) (3:39)
Veronica (Demo) (3:03)
Tramp The Dirt Down (Demo) (5:19)
Baby Plays Around (Demo) (2:42)
Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness (Demo) (3:16)
Last Boat Leaving (Demo) (3:30)
The Ugly Things (2:56)
You’re No Good (2:22)
Point Of No Return (2:34)
The Room Nobody Lives In (4:47)
Stalin Malone (Vocal Version) (3:12)

Mighty Like A Rose Bonus Disc
Just Another Mystery (4:15)
Sweet Pear (Home Demo) (3:46)
Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 4 (Live) (4:19)
Mischievous Ghost (with Mary Coughlan) (5:47)
St. Stephen’s Day Murders (with The Chieftains) (3:24)
The Other Side Of Summer (Unplugged Version) (4:06)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Unplugged Version) (4:44)
Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) (Unplugged) (4:18)
All Grown Up (Home Demo) (4:36)
Georgie And Her Rival (Home Demo) (3:22)
Forgive Her Anything (Home Demo) (4:02)
It Started To Come To Me (Home Demo) (2:48)
I Still Miss Someone/The Last Town I Painted (Demo) (2:47)
Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness (w/ Rob Wasserman) (4:10)
Invasion Hit Parade (Home Demo) (4:22)
Just Another Mystery (Home Demo) (3:42)
Broken (Home Demo) (3:23)

The Juliet Letters Bonus Disc
She Moved Through The Fair (4:46)
Pills And Soap (Live) (4:37)
King Of The Unknown Sea (Live) (3:52)
Skeleton (Live) (4:54)
More Than Rain (Live) (3:25)
God Only Knows (Live) (4:01)
They Didn’t Believe Me (Live) (4:02)
O Mistress Mine (4:03)
Come Away, Death (4:30)
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (Live) (4:13)
Can She Excuse My Wrongs (Live) (4:06)
Fire Suite 1 (5:29)
Fire Suite 3 (3:19)
Fire Suite Reprise (2:40)
Gigi (Live) (4:14)
Deep Dead Blue (Live) (3:46)
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Live) (4:37)
Lost In The Stars (3:57)

Brutal Youth Bonus Disc
Life Shrinks (3:30)
Favourite Hour (Church Studios Version) (3:35)
This Is Hell (Church Studios Version) (4:11)
Idiophone (1:59)
Abandon Words (2:56)
Poisoned Letter (3:49)
A Drunken Man’s Praise Of Sobriety (1:08)
Pony St. (Bonaparte Rooms Version) (3:37)
Just About Glad (Bonaparte Rooms Version) (3:42)
Clown Strike (Bonaparte Rooms Version) (4:20)
Rocking Horse Road (Demo Version) (3:19)
13 Steps Lead Down (Demo Version) (2:08)
All The Rage (Demo Version) (3:38)
Sulky Girl (Demo Version) (4:32)
You Tripped At Every Step (Church Studios Version) (3:25)

Kojak Variety Bonus Disc
Ship Of Fools (5:22)
My Resistance Is Low (2:01)
Innocent When You Dream (4:30)
I’m Coming Home (3:14)
The Dark End Of The Street (3:11)
Congratulations (2:48)
You’re Gonna Make Lonesome When You Go (2:14)
Pouring Water On A Drowning Man (Alternate Version) (2:55)
Still Feeling Blue (2:24)
Brilliant Disguise (4:04)
How Long Has This Been Going On (2:31)
Sleepless Nights (3:58)
Step Inside Love (2:50)
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (2:38)
Sally Sue Brown (2:19)
Sticks And Stones (1:37)
That’s How You Got Killed Before (with The Dirty Dozen BrassBand) (3:14)
The Night Before Larry Was Stretched (5:10)
But Not For Me (with Larry Adler) (5:04)
Full Force Gale (2:59)

All This Useless Beauty Bonus Disc
Almost Ideal Eyes (4:24)
My Dark Life (With Brian Eno) (6:25)
That Day Is Done (With The Fairfield Four) (5:11)
What Do I Do Now (4:30)
The Bridge I Burned (5:23)
It’s Time (Demo) (4:00)
Complicated Shadows (Demo) (2:28)
You Bowed Down (Demo) (4:21)
Mistress And Maid (Demo) (2:20)
Distorted Angel (Demo) (2:34)
World’s Greatest Optimist (Demo) (2:35)
The Only Flame In Town (Demo) (4:15)
The Comedians (Demo) (3:10)
The Days Take Care Of Everything (Demo) (4:00)
Hidden Shame (Demo) (3:59)
Why Can’t A Man Stand Alone (Demo) (3:01)
Distorted Angel (Tricky Remix) (5:36)


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  • Horst
    September 9, 2011 - 07:30 | Permalink

    Thanks! There was a live vinyl disc from the Almost Blue tour where he covered a few of the songs from that album with an orchestra (I remember that it worked great with “I’m Your Toy”). Has that full show ever been posted?

  • November 5, 2011 - 02:32 | Permalink

    Great work here as always, Willard. It’s always bothered me that Costello’s version of “Third Rate Romance” heard on the OUR AIM IS TRUE bootleg never got an official release.

    When Costello toured with BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE he did a fantastic rendition of “Tokyo Storm Warning” where he introduced each verse with a little story explaining what were about to hear. I’ve never found a live recording of that anywhere…. any readers here know of one?

  • MNW
    March 1, 2012 - 21:11 | Permalink

    My all-time fave EC B-side is Pump It Up (1984 remix), which accompanied the Baby It’s You duet w/Nick Lowe on the back of the Not The Only Flame In Town 12″. It still ain’t here — or anyhere else that I’m aware of! Ya GOTTA add it!

    – mnw

    BTW: The Baby it’s You duet makes for an ideal filler on any McCartney/ MacManus bootie collection. Before EC teamed with the REAL Mac, I always thot that teaming Costello and Lowe would make the perfect “new Lennon & McCartney”, and BIY was the closest thing to proof that we ever got

    • Willard
      March 1, 2012 - 21:20 | Permalink

      Man, I had everything Costello put out, had all the single sleeves and rare issues. He was the last guy I collected like that. Can’t remember any of it now, so I’ll take your word for PIU and will keep an eye out. Thanks.

    • forked tongue
      March 19, 2012 - 18:09 | Permalink

      MNW, there’s a 1984 remix of “Pump It Up” on Singles 3, which is import-only but you can find it through…ahem…the, er usual sources.

  • Stuart Gardner
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    Good work, Willard, but may I call your attention to one error?
    You’ve posted the artwork for the wrong Brutal Youth disc. The bonus disc has the red and black reversed.

  • FervorCoulee
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    Much delayed, but sincere thanks; while I had some of these editions, others have eluded me. I appreciate the efforts.

    • Willard
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      Thanks for commenting.

  • Das Dweeb
    June 5, 2013 - 22:51 | Permalink

    Really nice work, Willard. Just wanted to mention a neat oddity I have – on my “Brutal Youth” set, the discs are reversed – that is, the artwork for Disc 1 is on Disc 2 and vice-versa. Anyone else run across that?

  • Piper
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    Thank you

  • Jay
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    Thanks so much Willard for all the amazing shares! The link that Michael mentioned for My Aim is True is still “temporarily” down after more than a week so perhaps they are having permanent trouble with a server or something. Any chance for an second link for MAIT? Thanks again.

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    willard many thanks for sorting MAIT – i feel very guilty for leaving my first comment without saying what a marvellous post this is – the sheer eclecticism (!) is breathtaking, thanks a million

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    As Rhino released these reissues with bonus discs I one by one traded in all of my Rykodisc reissues that combined the original albums + bonus tracks on one CD. And what reeeally bummed me out about the Rhino reissue of Punch the Clock was that a live, slowed down, beautifully plaintive acoustic version of The World and His Wife from the 1995 reissue had been replaced by a different live, uptempo acoustic version of the song which was totally inferior. Of all the Rykodisc reissues that gorgeous live version of The World and His Wife was far and away my favorite bonus track. Why Rhino chose to exclude it from the their 2003 reissue of Punch the Clock is beyond me.

    Sooo…This is my question. Do you have (or know of somewhere online to download) the 1995 Punch the Clock Rykodisc reissue bonus track of Costello’s brilliant live acoustic version of The World and His Wife? What I would give to have it in my Costello library again. It’s just not the same without it.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    P.S. – I found your site through exystence, and I can’t thank you enough for all the great stuff you’ve made available for download that I would have otherwise never had the pleasure of listening to.

  • Alan
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    Hey Al,

    Thanks so much for following up on my comment. I actually finally did find it on exystence.net about 3 months ago. A guy uploaded a ton of Elvis Costello stuff including all the bonus tracks from the Rykodisc EC reissues in the “Links & Requests” section of the site!:)

    Thanks again,

    • Al
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      Alan, yr welcome, good to read you succeeded. Thanks for the direction, Found Gothic Addiction with lots of stuff to check out!

      Btw This one is absolutely #1!

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    Oh man; you’re making my day. I haven’t had a chance to do something like this in a long time (sit down with your blog with some real time to search through the archives). I had a few of these reissues, but not nearly all of them and many are in storage along with most of my collection, so I haven’t heard’ em in ages. There’s something cool about just cutting right to the extras without listening to the main release first too, sorta gave me fresher ears with which to hear them. Like yourself, I collected nearly everything EC for years; I think that I remember buying some of these on Ryko and some on Rhino but by that point I couldn’t spend dough on records the way I used to, and it’s beyond a pleasure to have these all here. Thanks so much, Willard; the choices you make (I’m talking in general, not just EC) are so thoughtful, creative, and FUN! Thanks for brightening my spirits…….

  • Indiana Scott
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    Willard, I could not access the MEG files for ‘Brutal Youth’ & ‘Kojak Variety’. Could you re-up those in a different format? Thanks!

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      Try ’em now. Thanks.

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    Willard, you are a gentleman indeed! Marvellous blog!

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    Thank you very much.

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    does anyone have a link for the hot club show? wmmr

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