CAPITOL BLUES #15: AMOS MILBURN Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie: The Best Of Amos Milburn, 1946-1955 (1996)

Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie: The Best Of Amos Milburn, 1946-55
3CD Set of Amos’ Aladdin Sides

irresistible, long gone collection of juke joint blues from pioneer 40s/50s pianist Amos Milburn. 3CDs of bluesy, boozy, down and dirty boogie anchored by Milburn’s rollicking piano and sweetly suggestive vocals. There’s plenty of innuendo here, but there’s also some raunchiness, too. Even on his first 1946 recording, “After Midnight,” Amos gets straight to the point; “she said drill me, drill me daddy, drill me like you did the night before.” Milburn’s appeal lies in his inviting, melodic flair and nimble finger work. While it’s true that between 1946-1955 (this collection’s span), Milburn’s song stylings were uniformly similar – alternating between either boogie woogie and/or beer-soaked blues – it’s all consistently engaging. Shacks, sex, boogie, whiskey, blues… it’s all here. We’ve got more releases in The Capitol Blues Series, HERE. Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie 1946-1955 is out of print, but at Amazon, HERE.

After Midnite
My Baby’s Boogying
Down The Road Apiece
Amos’ Blues
Amos’ Boogie
Operation Blues
Cinch Blues
Everything I Do Is Wrong
Blues At Sundown
Money Hustlin‘ Woman
Sad And Blue
Mean Woman
Aladdin Boogie
Nickel Plated Baby
Real Gone
Rainy Weather Blues
Train Whistle Blues
Train Time Blues
Bye Bye Boogie
Pot Luck Boogie
It’s A Married Woman
My Tortured Mind

Hold Me Baby
Chicken Shack Boogie
Hard Driving Blues
I’m Gonna Leave You
Pool Playing Blues
Rocky Road Blues (Take 1)
Rocky Road Blues (Take 2)
Lonesome For The Blues
Slow Down Blues
Anybody’s Blues
It Took A Long, Long Time
Wolf On The River
Frank’s Blues
Empty Arms Blues
A & M Blues
Won’t You Kinda Think It Over
Jitterbug Fashion Parade
My Luck Is Bound To Change
Roomin‘ House Boogie
Walkin‘ Blues
Blue And Lonesome
Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby

Drifting Blues
Untitled Boogie
Melting Blues
Boogie Woogie
Atomic Baby
Sex Shack Boogie
Birmingham Bounce
Let’s Rock A While
Hard Luck Blues
Two Years Of Torture
Bad, Bad Whiskey
Tears, Tears, Tears
Put Something In My Hand
Trouble In Mind
Flying Home
Let Me Go Home, Whiskey
Please Mr. Johnson
Let’s Have A Party
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
Good, Good Whiskey
After Awhile
I Guess I’ll Go


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    Amos Milburn on a Sunday morning.

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    Pretty certain he sings “thrill me” and not “drill me” on After Midnite

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