THE ASCHERE PROJECT (Dave Davies) Two Worlds (2011)

Two Worlds (2011)
The Kinks’ Dave Davies Goes Space

Since The Kinks’ dissolution in the mid-90s, Ray still gets all the press (naturally) but Dave has not been silenced… even by the severe stroke he suffered in 2004. Before, during and since his illness, Dave has continually said no to The Kinks, but he hasn’t been sitting idly by. Hot on the heels of his recovery came Dave’s first solo album in five years, 2007’s Fractured Mindz (HERE), followed by a DVD in 2010, Mystical Journey (HERE). But perhaps Dave Davies’ most fascinating work – maybe of his entire career – is this just released collaboration with his son, Russ Davies, on an electronic/rock fusion album that’s about as far removed from The Kinks as one can get. Truth be told, Davies isn’t a total novice when it comes to electronics, as he colored many of his 80s solo works with the era’s primitive synth technology. In 2011 with son Russ, however, the generational meeting of minds has produced a worthwhile fusion of melody and effect. It’s not just keyboards, there are spoken word vocals and detached choruses and a sure sense of dynamics. It’s amazing how the cold and sterile surrounds of electronic music can suddenly sound warm, welcoming and reassuring when an old, absent friend is on board. Only available digitally at Amazon (HERE), but you can get a hard copy direct from The Aschere Project website.

The Kakshisa Cipher (2:57)
Two Worlds (5:25)
Love Will Change (5:23)
Remember Me (4:47)
I’ll Get By (5:52)
We Can Do This Together (6:12)
Echoes (3:43)
We Are The Ancestors (4:15)
Mirrors (2:35)
Blessed Of All Nights (5:19)
Valley Of The Shadows (5:37)


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    thank you ! great post !

  • Johnny Kinkdom
    June 18, 2011 - 02:17 | Permalink

    I am sure that someone is willing to give this a second listen. Sorry, but it’s not me. Complete drivel. And I have his other “spiritual” solo CD’s which, while not as cleanly produced, at least have a few listenable songs. Thanks for the post, as it saves me from buying something I will never listen to again.

  • Gerald Fisher
    June 18, 2011 - 11:00 | Permalink

    Thanks for this Willard. It’s not really my kind of music, but it’s not bad.
    Ray keeps wanting to get the band back together, but Dave has really
    moved on. I think Ray should give up on the idea. Ray and one other
    former kink touring without Dave is really just the ‘Ray Davies Band’.

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