VARIOUS ARTISTS Crime Jazz – Music In The First Degree (1997) & Crime Jazz – Music In The Second Degree (1997)

Crime Jazz – Music In The First Degree (1997)
Crime Jazz – Music In The Second Degree (1997)
Soundtracks For Criminal Endeavors

Excellent cross section of crime score kitsch, from film noir to television crime dramas, retaining all the allure and brassy paranoia that helped to make the visuals so appealing. Both sets span roughly 1954-1964 and include themes and cues from such greats as The Man With The Golden Arm, Peter Gunn, Touch Of Evil, 77 Sunset Strip, The Asphalt Jungle, Mr. Lucky (and many others) from some of the masters, Henry Mancini, Quincy Jones, Elmer Bernstein, Lalo Schifrin and more. I was a little bummed that Buddy Morrow’s version of the “Perry Mason Theme” was used instead of one of the three original TV versions, but soon got over it.

The Wild One (3:22) (Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra)
Frankie Machine (5:01) (Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra)
Staccatos Theme (3:01) (Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra)
Stool Pigeon (2:19) (Irving Joseph)
Touch Of Evil (3:31) (Joseph Gershenson & The Universal Orchestra)
Harold’s Way (2:15) (David Amram)
Cool (4:30) (Stan Kenton & His Orchestra)
77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha (2:09) (Warren Barker &
WB Star Instrumentalists)
Daddy Long Legs (3:51) (Leith Stevens & His Orchestra)
The Street [Main Title] (2:42) (Elmer Bernstein)
Richard Diamond (2:33) (Buddy Morrow)
The Stu Bailey Blues (2:47) (Warren Barker &
WB Star Instrumentalists)
Peter Gunn (3:00) (Quincy Jones)
Echo Four-Two (2:40) (Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra)
Contract With Depravity (2:16) (Kenyon Hopkins)
Riff Blues Theme (2:29) (Skip Martin)
M Squad Theme (2:37) (Stanley Wilson)
Naked City (4:28) (Mundell Lowe & His All Stars)

Shoot To Kill (2:35) (Quincy Jones & His Orchestra)
Taunting Scene (3:58) (Stan Kenton & His Orchestra)
The Boss (1:08) (Joseph Gershenson & The Universal Orchestra)
Arabesque (2:17) (Henry Mancini & His Orchestra)
The Killer (1:32) (Lalo Schifrin)
Toss Me A Scalpel (2:57) (Leith Stevens Orchestra)
Prison Break (2:10) (Irving Joseph)
French Quarter (2:24) (Alex North And His Orchestra)
Late At Bailey’s Pad (2:56) (Warren Barker & WB Star Instrumentalists)
Floozie (2:31) (Alex North And His Orchestra)
Danube Incident (1:57) (Lalo Schifrin)
Where I Live-The Apartment/Cleaning Up For Jenny (2:34) (Stan Getz)
Perry Mason Theme (2:40) (Buddy Morrow)
Hammer Blow (2:53) (Skip Martin)
Caper At The Coffee House (2:12) (Warren Barker &
WB Star Instrumentalists)
The Asphalt Jungle [Main Title] (2:39) (Miklos Rozsa)
Experiment In Terror (2:25) (Kai Winding)
Mr. Lucky (2:14) (Henry Mancini)


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