DON VAN VLIET (aka Captain Beefheart) Some Yo Yo Stuff (1994)

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Some Yoyo Stuff (1994)
An Observation of the Observations of Don Van Vliet
Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart, walked away from music in 1982 to live his life as a painter and sculptor. Outside of his inroads into the art world, little has been heard from him since. Anton Corbijn’s arty, black & white, 13 minute, 1994 film is a rare glimpse of Don after he escaped from his long-time digs in the Mohave desert to live near the ocean. Fans may find it saddening to listen as the Captain wrestles with multiple sclerosis – his voice faltering and his innate electricity partially dimmed. His bizarre outlook on life, however, is thankfully intact. Most of the film is just as the sub-title implies… observations. “The way I keep in touch with the world,” Don says, “is very gingerly… because the world touches too hard.” Don ruminates ever so briefly on the fish stink of the Trout Mask Replica photo shoot and his old pal Frank Zappa near the end of the film… but don’t look for revelations. This is Don being Don. Noted director David Lynch appears, as does Don’s mom. Not available for download, sorry. Give the video about 10 seconds to start.

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