THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR 25 O’Clock (1985) + Psonic Psunspot (1987) + Bonus Tracks

25 O’Clock (1985/2008)
Psonic Psunspot (1987/2008)
The Ultimate Psychedelic Homages

25 O’Clock came first, on April Fool’s Day in 1985. A six song EP ripped from the fabric of space/time, circa 1967, complete with all the right moves – seemingly simplistic pop songs drenched with phasing, backwards guitars and trippy lyrics – and all of it primed by psychedelic inspiration. At first, no one had any idea it was XTC, largely because the original vinyl was pretty obscure to begin with. But, it didn’t matter even to those who eventually pieced the puzzle together, even as XTC was denying any knowledge of the ruse. As the decades wore on and others tried their hand at recreating the past, it became clear that XTC – as The Dukes Of Stratosphear- were one of the few acts able to achieve a perfect balance of homage, invention, articulation and that all-elusive whimsy. XTC/DOS didn’t just copy the stylings of 60s stalwarts like the Beatles, Barrett-era Pink Floyd or countless other forgotten psych acts, they wrote from their perspective, instead. Quoting sources, but avoiding the time-worn cliches. The sound was fresh and inviting, just like in the 60s, but tempered with the experience of knowing what made the style from that era work in the first place. Which explains how this so-called “parody” music has stood the test of multiple times. In 1987 the full-length album, Psonic Psunspot, followed, which was just as good, though not quite as perfect. The faux band’s profile reached its zenith with the CD compilation, Chips From The Chocolate Fireball. Now comes these separate, bonus track-filled re-issues, which sound better than ever. For the first time, the covers actually reference XTC (in place of the “The” on each cover). Find hard copies for 25 O’Clock (HERE) and Psonic Psunspot (HERE) at Amazon.

25 O’Clock
25 O’Clock (5:02)
Bike Ride To The Moon (2:23)
My Love Explodes (3:49)
What In The World??… (5:01)
Your Gold Dress (4:42)
The Mole From The Ministry (5:50)
25 O’Clock (demo) (2:26)
Bike Ride To The Moon (demo) (1:31)
My Love Explodes (demo) (1:54)
What In The World??… (demo) (3:41)
Nicely Nicely Jane (demo) (1:18)
Susan Revolving (demo) (1:24)
Black Jewelled Serpent Of Sound (Radio Caroline Edit) (2:17)
Open A Can Of Human Beans (4:45)
Tin Toy Clockwork Train (3:16)

Psonic Psunspot
Vanishing Girl (3:00)
Have You Seen Jackie? (3:21)
Little Lighthouse (4:31)
You’re A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel) (3:38)
Collideascope (3:23)
You’re My Drug (3:18)
Shiny Cage (3:17)
Brainiac’s Daughter (3:59)
The Affiliated (2:31)
Pale And Precious (4:55)
No One At Home (Vanishing Girl) (demo) (2:52)
Little Lighthouse (demo) (5:19)
Collideascope (demo) (3:06)
Shiny Cage (demo) (3:13)
Braniac’s Daughter (demo) (1:50)
The Affiliated (demo) (2:29)



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