BRIAN ENO Textures (1989)

Textures (1989)
Unreleased Eno Music Sales Brochure

An unreleased album of ambient cues and themes from Brian Eno, pressed as a promo-only CD for The Standard Music Library – an organization that licenses music for television programming and films. Eleven of the tracks are unreleased, while the 10 others are variations of recordings (with new names) that were released on Music For Films III, The Shutov Assembly and Neoli. A Wiki reader has supplied the source titles. Composers Roger Eno* and Daniel Lanois** are also on board. You can pretty much imagine any of this stuff floating behind barren landscapes on the BBC, or some National Geographic slo-mo underwater exploration, which are the types of clients this CD was designed to attract. You can’t buy this in stores. We’ve got more Eno in the archives, HERE.

Soft Dawn (2:17)
The Water Garden (2:50) a.k.a. Cavallino
Shaded Water* (3:17) a.k.a. Alhondiga
Suspicious (4:12) a.k.a. Lanzarote
Ozone (1:41)
Landscape With Haze (4:05) a.k.a. Riverside
Mirage (3:18) a.k.a. Triennale
River Mist (4:32) a.k.a. Asian River
Constant Dreams (3:57) a.k.a. Neroli (Edit)
Dark Dreams (3:06)
Black Planet (2:52)
Night Thoughts* (3:35)
Travellers* (3:50)
Evil Thoughts** (1:58)
Darkness** (1:22)
Jungles** (1:57)
Sanctuaries** (1:36)
Menace (1:44)
Suspended Motion (3:42) a.k.a. Markgraph
The Wild (4:22) a.k.a. Stedelijk
River Journey (11:12) a.k.a. Asian River (Extended Alternate Mix)


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