THE BEACH BOYS “Cool, Cool Water”

“Cool, Cool Water” (1970)
5 Stunning Minutes From The Boys

Just a little something to throw into the player for a few days to remind you of how great The Beach Boys could be. This is one of their finest “unknown” tracks (the ones that don’t make the hits packages), “Cool, Cool Water.” The vocal arrangement is amazing enough, but the druggy space section, barely a minute in, is one of those elusive sound trips Brian Wilson always seemed to be in search of. Think of “Cool, Cool Water” as the spiritual sequel to “Good Vibrations,” as it was originally written for the unreleased Smile album in 1967. Instead, it was finished just in time for 1970’s Sunflower. Still a revelation to hear over 40 years later.


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    In an ocean or in a glass. Cool water is such a gas.

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    This is amazing.

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    santos curser
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