RHYTHM DEVILS The Apocalypse Now Sessions (1979)

The Apocalypse Now Sessions (1979)
Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim, Phil Lesh (& Others) Journey Into Francis Ford Coppola’s Heart Of Darkness

Francis Ford Coppola’s bleak indictment of the Vietnam war, Apocalypse Now, included so many different musical elements – electronic, orchestral, atmospheric, tribal, The Doors – that it’s hard to believe it coherently held together in a single film. The contributions of the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann (and friends) were minor in the film’s final mix, but nonetheless effective – which is why this CD of expanded session tapes is such a treat for fans. Clocking in at a mere 35+ minutes (there must be more) these improvised drum and effects sessions offer more tantalizing glimpses into Coppola’s dark vision that was Apocalypse Now. Dead fans, soundtrack fans and drum majors will appreciate. Amazon.

Street Gang
The Beast
Hell’s Bells

Napalm For Breakfast


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    Great service, Willard! Much appreciated.

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    Thanks Willard! Awesome playing on this.This is the film Coppola never really finished and had to give it away for his own sanity.

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    (all together, now… “Oh, Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow our minds, Hey Mickey!”)

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