WHISKEYTOWN Faithless Street (Expanded 1998)

Faithless Street (1995/1998)
Gram Parsons’ Vision Realized

Think what you will about Ryan Adams – the tales of drinking & debauchery, the massive musical output (bordering on the ridiculous), the questionable turns in style and focus – the guy’s been all over the map… and not always successfully. But Whiskeytown, Adams’ alt country band from the 90s, is another story, and Faithless Street, in particular, is such a crowning achievement that all subsequent sins should be forgiven. Except, maybe, the sin of abandoning this perfect storm of creativity, sensitivity and subtle brilliance in the first place. Adams seemed to possess such a natural, god-given gift for country-bred acoustic storytelling that it seemed inconceivable he would turn his back on the genre. Not since the late, great Gram Parsons has a rocker so convincingly revived the ghosts of country music’s legacy of despair, hopelessness, and loneliness. Whatever you do, don’t give this a single spin and write it off as more of the same from the likes of Son Volt or Uncle Tupelo. Faithless Street is sincere, achingly real and haunting in ways that guys like Hank Williams originally intended. That Adams was able to goose the country genre without losing touch with its essence… borders on unintended genius. At Amazon, HERE.

Midway Park
Drank Like A River
Too Drunk To Dream
Tennessee Square (Bonus Track)
What May Seem Like Love
Faithless Street
Mining Town
If He Can’t Have You
Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart
Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight (Bonus Track)
Desperate Ain’t Lonely (Bonus Track)
Hard Luck Story
Top Dollar
Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel (Bonus Track)
Empty Baseball Park (Baseball Park Sessions)
Here’s To The Rest Of The World (Baseball Park Sessions)
16 Days (Baseball Park Sessions)
Yesterday’s News (Baseball Park Sessions)
Factory Girl
(Baseball Park Sessions)


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    Search HERE

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    This is some awesome stuff! Thanks.

  • Matthew Best
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    Just as you post a bunch of Ryan Adams stuff, someone else directs me to this link, which tells the story of what happened very recently when Adams, Neil Finn and Janis Ian all appeared on a BBC television programme together. It didn’t go smoothly and internet ructions ensued between Adams and Ian (and to an extent, Finn).

    Entertaining stuff, if somewhat sad.

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    Okay, Okay. These guys are from my neck of the woods and I never really listened to ’em or saw them live, although I’m sure I could have easily. Was into other things at the time. Now i’m gonna make up for lost time. While we’re talking about Ryan Adams (well sort of close to), the current guitarist of his band the Cardinals is a guy named Neal Casal. He was in Blackfoot around 1990 (I read this somewhere, but can’t remember where), then in starting in 1994 began releasing solo releases, all of which are excellent. But his first release, Fade Away Diamond Time on ZOO Entertainment (aligned with BMG I think), is his masterpiece. A brilliant effort that reminds me of For Everyman . period Jackson Browne, every song on this sucker is a gem. You should really check this out, Here’s a link to get it – http://gramaepoeira.blogspot.com/2011/08/neal-casal-fade-away-diamond-time-1995.html. Also here’s the Wikipedia link to his bio, if you care to look http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neal_Casal. If you haven’t heard this already, I think you’ll really enjoy this. Later

    • Willard
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      Cool, thanks for the tip. Faithless Street is a good place to start for Whiskeytown. It’s tortured acoustic country (and at the time the guy was a 20 year old raging alcoholic), so have some beers ready to cry into.

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    Have anymore of these guys?

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      We’ve got a couple things in the archives (find that little blue WHISKEYTOWN link under the post, or check the alphabetical links on the right side of the blog) but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them, they’re more for collectors. There are a couple more studio albums worth having. Let me see about digging them out and posting them next week.

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    See, I told ya I can’t type for shit.

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      Yeah, anytime there’s a comment with a couple of links in it, the system holds it for approval. It’s the spam protector and I just OK’d it a few minutes before the new one popped up. That spam protector is a godsend, by the way. I usually get about 50 spam comments a day, and it almost never catches a real comment. Even comments like yours, that are real but have a couple links in it, get shuttled to a different holding file for approval. If that feature ever went away and they started charging for it, I’d gladly pay for it.

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    Sorry, I didn’t know, but I understand your reasoning exactly. I’ll remember that in the future. Hope the link is useful, but I didn’t mean for it to become a problem. Tanx for the heads up. By the way, the Anonymous request above was me, I thought it would post under my name as usual. Shows ya what I get for thinking.

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    Oh no… no problem at all. I’m just whining out loud about spam. Jeez, you wouldn’t believe how much shit these blogs attract. But, it’s no problem whatsoever. Real comments, like yours, with more than one link just get a special color and I see it immediately. I still can’t figure out how the system is able to sort things out, but it does quite nicely. I always appreciate input and dialog. Thanks.

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