THE CLASH Rockers Galore (1999) – Promo Only

Rockers Galore (1999)
Promo-Only… With Interviews

Cool promotional item featuring some of The Clash’s greatest hits interspersed with interview segments. This was given away to consumers who purchased Clash product during the 1999 CD reissue roll out. Great intro to the band, cool collectible for fans. Find one at Amazon, cheap… HERE.

Complete Control (3:47)
Paul – On The Beginnings Of The Clash (0:59)
Mick – On The Beginnings Of The Clash (0:26)
Joe – On The Beginnings Of The Clash (0:44)
Mick – More On The Beginnings Of The Clash (0:53)
Janie Jones (2:06)
Paul Simonon – On Naming The Band (0:28)
White Riot (1:55)
Topper Headon – On How He Joined The Band (1:01)
Tommy Gun (3:17)
Paul/Mick – On Why “Train In Vain” Wasn’t Listed On London Calling (0:36)
Train In Vain (3:11)
Paul Simonon – On Reggae Influences & Singing For The First Time (1:25)
The Guns Of Brixton (3:11)
Paul Simonon – On Reggae & Working With Mikey Dread (1:14)
Rockers Galore (4:42)
Mick Jones – On Sandinista! & “The Magnificent Seven” (1:42)
The Magnificent Seven (5:33)
Joe Strummer – On The Political Nature Of The Band (0:44)
Police On My Back (3:17)
Joe Strummer – On Inspiration For “Rock The Casbah” (2:21)
Rock The Casbah (3:43)
Joe Strummer – On The State Of British Rock Music In 1980-1981 (2:08)
Straight To Hell (13:27)


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