NEIL YOUNG The Ranch Rehearsals (1990)

The Ranch RehearsalsThe Ranch Rehearsals (1990)
Ragged Glory Live At Broken Arrow

These live recordings of Neil Young & Crazy Horse may be old news in trader’s circles, but… they never get old. Here are some of the raw rehearsals leading up to the recording of Ragged Glory, taped at Neil’s Broken Arrow Ranch in the summer of 1990. Great sound quality, with a few false starts mixed in and the group’s ringing guitars lingering in the fade outs. Some actually prefer a few of these takes to the official versions, but that’s hardly worth debating. If you want to know what it’s like to hang with Neil and the boys at the ranch, this is what you need. BTW, there’s more live NY&CH, 1994’s The Complex Sessions, in the archives.

Mansion On The Hill (8:44)
White Line (3:23)

White Line (1:00)

White Line (3:18)

Love To Burn (0:28)

Love To Burn (9:26)

Days That Used To Be (4:37)

Love And Only Love (9:57)


  • Pober Saltine
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    You should also try to track down any of the recordings of Neil at The Catalyst Club, a tiny bar not far from his home where he & Crazy Horse often road-test material before they take it to the big barns. If I had any of those tapes myself I'd post them for you, but I don't, so consider this a friendly heads-up.

    And thanks!

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  • Anonymous
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    There's also some nice live versions of "Love To Burn" (and "Live To Ride" too–somehow i get those two confused!) on the tour that Neil did with Booker T. & The MG's in 1993. Either way, thanks for the raw 'real' Neil, Cap'n.! -dandor

  • Jitterbug Boy
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    These are good. I bought a this as a boot when I was in college. That boot also came with some other 'rarities' (I don't think they are so rare anymore). It also came with these hilarious late 60's promos for Neil's first 2 albums. The best one said, "The album is called Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere. But you're somewhere if you dig Neil Young. He's what's happening."

    I'll also bring up one of my favorite Neil boots to tie it into another artist featured on "the Boat." His show at the Bottom Line in May of 1974 is breathtaking. Neil wasn't even on the bill so I don't know how or why it was recorded. Actally on the bill and playing that night was Ry Cooder and Leon Redbone. On the tape Neil thanks Leon for lending him a harmonica. I always wondered if they stayed to be more than passing acquaintances. Even if Leon did "This Bud's for You" comercials followed by Neil's "This Note's for You."

    These are the things I think about when I read this blog. Glad it's back.

  • Capt. Willard
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    You should be writing your own. Thanks for commenting.

  • Capt. Willard
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    Search HERE.

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    This is awesome! Thanks

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