TOM WAITS Glitter And Doom (2008)

Glitter And Doom:
Tom Waits In Concert

Two Hour Plus ’08 Live Show

Courtesy of NPR, a well produced and downright exciting Tom Waits live show from The Fox Theatre, July 5th, 2008. These performances bristle with electricity and the setlist features satisfying amounts of Waits’ bastardized electric blues, even as the sprawling two hour plus show leaves plenty of room for offbeat sidetracks. Waits’ voice is amazing, like some cabaret theatre carney screaming out from the depths of hell. Give a listen to the opener, “Lucinda,” a clear re-reading of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell On You,” whose otherworldly production and style is masterly re-created by Waits’ crack band (Seth Ford Young, bass / Patrick Warren, keys / Omar Torrez, guitars / Vincent Henry, woodwinds / Casey Waits, drums). They reverently revisit the style on “Black Market Baby,” and there’s some fun Twilight Zone theme variations underlying “9th and Hennepin.”

Lucinda / Ain’t Going Down to the Well
Down in the Hole
Falling Down
Chocolate Jesus
All the World Is Green
Cemetery Polka
Cause of It All
Till the Money Runs Out
Such a Scream
Hold On
Black Market Baby
9th and Hennepin
Lie to Me
Lucky Day

On the Nickel
Lost in the Harbor
Innocent When You Dream
Hoist That Rag
Make It Rain
Dirt In The Ground
Get Behind the Mule
Hang Down Your Head
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Eyeball Kid
Anywhere I Lay My Head


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