RANDY NEWMAN Johnny Cutler’s Birthday (1973) – Live-In-The-Studio Demos For Good Old Boys

Randy Newman Demo BoxJohnny Cutler’s Birthday (1973)
Live In The Studio: The Good Old Boys Demos

On February 1st, 1973, Randy Newman sat down with producer Russ Titelman to record demos for his 4th album, Good Old Boys – Newman’s acerbic crucifixion of the post-Depression South. These legendary studio-quality tapes show that Newman’s initial concept was very different from the album he would eventually end up with. They also capture Newman’s complete storyline – designed to include segues, sound effects and dialog – which Randy often comically details. At its heart, this is a Broadway show composer’s “backer’s demo,” an audition of songs, snippets and ideas… including some that wouldn’t make the final cut. All the more entertaining because the performance – just Randy at the piano – is so seemingly off-the-cuff. You can just imagine Titelman mentally checking off all of the lost consumer demographics (and airplay) when first hearing the song, “Rednecks.” These tapes are so good, they were added as bonus tracks to the 2002 reissue of Good Old Boys, HERE, at Amazon. There’s more Randy to be had HERE.

If We Didn’t Have Jesus


The Joke


My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell



Good Morning

Birmingham Redux

Doctor, Doctor

Albanian Anthem



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