VARIOUS ARTISTS Smiling Pets – A Tribute To The Beach Boys (1999)

418GK1pdBeLSmiling Pets (1999)
The Boys Get The Anonymous Tribute Treatment

Just goes to show that, despite David Lee Roth’s low bar precedents, it is possible to fuck up a Beach Boys tune – as a few of these under-the-radar acts seem desperate to prove. That said… I like Smiling Pets. It’s not an essential go-to for an alt- Beach Boys fix, but it’s a fine, off-the-beaten-path homage with some oddball choices and left-field fun. As deconstructed as some of this material is, and as skewed as some of the arrangements are, these bands still manage to collectively embrace Brian Wilson’s most important legacy… his spirit of musical/instrumental adventurism. That ideology (sometimes more so than the melodies) is tackled with bravura. The elasticity of those indelible tunes, however, is put to the test, so this disc has its share of misses. But, that’s to be expected. Listen to a few examples below. This one’s a rarity, so collector’s prices are in effect at Amazon, HERE.

SECRET CHIEFS 3 Good Vibrations (4:01)
MELT-BANANA Surfin’ USA/You’re Welcome (3:22)
SHORT HAIR FRONT I’m Waiting For The Day (2:59)
THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL Do You Like Worms? (Do You Dig Worms?) (4:01)
JIM O’ROURKE Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Spring Breaks And Back To Winter) (3:05)
SPORTS GUITAR Wonderful (2:49)
THURSTON MOORE Here Today (4:14)
ONOTETSU Tones (1:37)
Tea Break (0:39)
FORMS Heroes And Villains (4:42)
HARPY Cool, Cool Water (2:47)
THE SHIPS Little Pad (2:44)
DAVID GRUBBS Wind Chimes (After Perpetuity’s Noon) (4:09)
FEELDS I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (3:15)
JOHN McENTIRE Let’s Go Away For A While (2:41)
DM3 Caroline, No (3:15)


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    Search HERE

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    Cool beans!

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    I’m having deep philosophical problems with a group calling itself SEAGULL SCREAMING KISS HER KISS HER, which I believe is a song title from possibly the most misguided of XTC albums.
    How am I supposed to interpret this?

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    I’m digging “Wonderful”, though.

  • Willard
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    Yeah… just listened to it again today and it’s quite glorious in its own quiet way.

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