P The Truth (1997)

The Truth (1997)
Prince’s Acoustic Album

Many view Prince merely as a shrewd, self-inflating invention. But fans who devour each and every release know the tiny guy’s stunning depth. Unless you actually tackle his entire catalog, however, you’re probably the musical equivalent of those blind guys describing different parts of an elephant – and all coming up with different conclusions. Although “solo” albums are nothing new for Prince, the idea of an actual acoustic solo album (mostly, anyway) looks great on paper. What The Truth delivers, however, might be biased by which part of the elephant you’ve been feeling up. Prince’s performances are mostly all invigorating, with plenty of subtle invention, slyly brilliant harmonizing and fun & effective effects. The compositions are a different story, however. Personally, only a few of these songs have stuck with me over the years, and while I thoroughly enjoy Prince’s live-in-the-studio acoustic delivery and blissful vocal overdubs, The Truth has never been a go-to Prince disc for me. Your mileage may be different. There are a few production numbers that creep in, but a lot of this disc is stripped to the basics. Originally released as part of the 4 (& 5) CD box set, Crystal Ball. Click the cover for performance details.

The Truth
Don’t Play Me
Circle Of Amour
3rd Eye
Man In A Uniform
Animal Kingdom
The Other Side Of The Pillow
One Of Your Tears
Welcome 2 The Dawn (Acoustic Version)


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