TAL ROSS Giant Shirley (1995)

Giant Shirley (1995)
The Strange Disappearance And Mysterious Return Of Funkadelic’s Long Lost Guitarist, Tal Ross.

“Of the numerous musicians who have played along with George Clinton in his Parliament Funkadelic mob, perhaps the most mysterious of them all would be Tal Ross. Ross was a vital force for such early Funkadelic classics as “Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow” and “Maggot Brain,” but left the band in 1971 after a bad drug experience. Years went by without any word from Ross until 1995, when out of nowhere he issued his first solo album. This was 24 years after last recording with Funkadelic.” All Music Guide

I love this album. Giant Shirley is filled with Ross’ dreamy, meandering, apparently live in the studio jams – more psychedelic than funky, but there’s plenty of both. It’s Ross’ vocal style, however, that sinks the hook in. He sounds tortured… haunted… and not far removed from the “casualty” he’s been made out to be in his absence. It’s nearly impossible to make out what he’s talking about, but Tal’s blues roots still surface via his free-form way with a melody and song. You can also hear the equally disturbed guitars lurking beneath the mix, sometimes biting and frantic, other times just floating in and out with druggy results. Funkadelic drummer ‘Big Foot’ Brailey is on board, smooth groovin‘ most of the way. I suspect that producer Peter Wetherbee (a Bill Laswell cohort) had a lot to do with molding the atmosphere – which sounds like raw, acoustic rehearsals for a funk band. Originally released on Wetherbee’s tiny indie label, Coconut Grove. Give Giant Shirley a few spins. Once Ross’ voodoo madness starts to sink in, it’s hard to shake. A few bucks at Amazon.

Ain’t No Reason
Green And Yellow Daughter
Cry And Show Me
(I’m Lucky)
Forget Her
Get So Mad
‘ Good
Keep On Trying
Forever (My Darling Don’t Cry)
All Over The World (Ain’t That Loving)
Angry Fire (Intestical Swing)
Feeling Like Ahh Lover Should
‘ Toll Man Suite
It Was (Wars Of Armageddon)



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    nice blog… nice posting… thankyou…

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    …the way you described this i was expecting bad lip-syncing and some lost walking around the stage but as far as acid casualties go this ain't bad…pretty good actually….and who listens to lyrics anyways……

  • Richard
    November 15, 2007 - 13:12 | Permalink

    Many thanks for this. A great record I've waited ages to hear. Tal or Tawl? Either ways, cheers.

  • ge
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    talk about a sudden comment: i havent heard it yet, just started mega download which asked that I put in the code: 'LSD'

  • Danny
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    Thanks, never would have noticed this if it weren't for you. I don't even remember his name among more famous 'delics. The song has quite touching elements of longing melodies. The voice is nice and that wierd overlayed scritchy scratch scratch guitar is nice plus some wierd 80's type footloose riffs. NIce.

  • Anonymous
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    hey im mercedes.
    well tawl is my grandpa,
    its crazy to see how much history he has mad ein all these yeaqrs i my dad juss went up to visit him in north carolina with my uncle curly his brother, his music is amazing and with me being a young 16 yr old singer i hope when i go up ther emy grandmpa can pas on the skills!

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    Cool, thanks.

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    haha no problem.. i d9dnt know people acutaly loved thier music liek that thats cool.

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    You've been on quite the funk jag lately, Captain My Captain… I'm digging it greatly, with the possible exception of the Chuck D tribute to JB. Perhaps it'll grow on me eventually.

    But the rest of the stuff is enjoyable and eye-opening. Thanks for everything you do!

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    Many thanks.

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    Fantastic as always, Cap'n. Do you have those Eddie Hazel solo albums to hep the kids to, while you're at it?

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    Great post, as always. And it can't be said often enough: great to have you back, Willard. Many thanks.

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    This is SUCH a great album. Thanks for the upgrade, Cap'n.

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    Best music blog in the world! Thank you so much!

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    The sample is great. Its groove slips right into my mental grooves.

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    Thank YOU for another good one.

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    No posts for 3 yrs ..its a shame people probably just stumble upon it like I did but I’m glad I did 1 by 1 you keep the funk alive

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      Thanks for commenting. Yeah… it’s a weird but cool release.

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