NEW YORK DOLLS A Hard Night’s Day (1973/2000)

A Hard Night’s Day(2000)
Excellent 1973 Studio Performance

There are plenty of Dolls demos, boots and rarities around. Most of them suck. This is one of the best. Recorded in March 1973, A Hard Night’s Day features the original recording band – David Johansen, Johnny Thunders, Sylvain Sylvain, Arthur Kane & Jerry Nolan, live in the studio on 21 demos – a live gig, really – filled with chatter, raw, barely bar-worthy chops and a smattering of trashy 50s rock ‘n roll, taped just prior to The Dolls’ Todd Rundgren-produced debut. Live, sans production technique, just as The Dolls were meant to be heard. Even in the studio they managed to stir up shit, as you can only imagine from the off-mic altercation Johansen referees at the beginning of “Pills.” This is the 2000 Norton Records version, but these tapes have been released under a few different titles and labels. There’s more Dolls & Dolls-related stuff in the archives, including From Paris With Love (L.U.V.) (HERE), Live At The Fillmore East-December 28 & 29, 2007 and The Return Of The New York Dolls – Live From Royal Festival Hall, 2004 (both HERE), DAVID JOHANSEN Live It Up (HERE), JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS L.A.M.F. The Lost ’77 Mixes (HERE), Hurt Me (HERE), Stations Of The Cross & I Only Wrote This Song For You: A Tribute To Johnny Thunders (both HERE). Find A Hard Night’s Day at Amazon, HERE.

Seven Day Weekend
Who Are The Mystery Girls?
(There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown
Back In The USA
Looking For A Kiss
Jet Boy
It’s Too Late
Bad Detective
Lonely Planet Boy
Subway Train
Private World
Human Being
Don’t Start Me Talkin
Give Her A Great Big Kiss
Vietnamese Baby
Bad Girl
Personality Crisis


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    I almost never leave thanks for the stuff I grab. [If that makes me a jerk… OK, I'm a jerk.]

    I thank you for this.

    The band should thank you as well. This makes a better case for their greatness than any of their official releases.

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    Holy cow, this is freaking awesome.

    I've got a ton of Dolls boots and compared to this they really blow.

    Thank you so much!

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    Nice – Thank You!

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    Loving your hard work Willard…my ears and my neighbours however…

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    Thanks man! Great stuff..

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    A friend just turned me on to your site today.

    You have fantastic taste and your generosity is beyond description.

    Thanks for all of it!

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    Thanks for the kind words and the comment. All the commenters, thanks.

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    Picked this from the side of the launch on an earlier trip..

    Great Stuff they really did leave a lasting impression when I saw them on the whistle test at the time and looked cool and dangerous..Funny how like the Stooges and Pistols they still hit you … Music doesn't have to be clever but it has to be good and Willard you prove that with the vast selection of posts… Thanks for that!

  • ge
    August 29, 2009 - 10:15 | Permalink

    caught 'em live [at Max's] on multi-occasions, there were a blast-gas!

  • Key West
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    Nice music museum you've got going here. I'm learning so much. Thanks for your efforts!


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    Thanks for this and for your great blog. Keep up the good work!

    — Dave

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    This is great stuff. Thanks.

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    52 this year me that is..jus revisting the dolls…what a great mash up they if i saw them in NY back in the day..great post…attitude gets you everywhere…mm theres a song in there…yaba

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    Geez, thanks, man!

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    Search HERE

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    Thanks as always, Willard. You The Man. I nabbed this before and am re-upping the 320. Thanks.

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    Hmmm.. I think I bought this some years ago.. I wonder where it is? Thanks for your post!

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    It's over behind the shelf, underneath the box of magazines.

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      I still haven’t seen it. I’ll keep looking.

  • ge
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    i must've seen half dozen sets by the guys at Max's, front row why not—-they were killer

  • Capt. Willard
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    I'd make Front Row At Max's shirts if I were you.

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    bless you, cap'n.

  • ge
    November 18, 2010 - 08:29 | Permalink

    well the tight cut of their trousers
    was best appreciated up-close…met Kane the bassist a real regular guy, it was surprising— a couple years later in the same room my band played to a few people on a slow night, one of whom, Helena Kallianiotes, came up and introduced herself saying she's seen both sets and we were the best thing she'd ever heard, and when she got back to LA she'd tell her pal Artie Garfunkel all about us! long pause

  • ge
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    [Helena was the feminist hitchhiker in 5 Easy Pieces]

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    Thanks. I was about to use the Goggle machine.

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    I grabbed this years ago off Never Get Off The Boat and it has remained on my Ipod ever since. This is one album I can honestly say that I’ve listened to the most since I grabbed it. Frankenstein is just awesomely filthy with amazing riffs from Thunders. If you’ve ever wanted to get to the true heart of Johnny Thunders look no further than this track. It brilliant! There’s some funny chatter between songs as you noted. Attitudical indeed!

  • Anonymous
    August 5, 2014 - 17:46 | Permalink

    ahhh Mock Rock :-)
    Great stuff, thanks Willard

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    Never got the Dolls, til now, thanks Willard. Longtime fan o’the blog, first time commentor.
    Now I’m gonna watch the Friday night drive-in movie…

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    You are amazing, Willard, and this site is a godsend/spawn of Satan. Must do some work. Must go to Willard. Must do some work. Must go to Willard….

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