MOJO PRESENTS: The Modern Genius Of Ray Davies (2006), Maximum ’65 (2000) & The Black Keys – The Live EP (2007)

Three more freebies from MOJO. The Modern Genius Of Ray Davies is an excellent dirgey/garagey tribute to The Kinks’ frontman. Three tracks were recorded exclusively for this comp (*), while a few others come from other commercial Davies/Kinks tribs (This Is Where I Belong – The Songs Of Ray Davies And The Kinks & Give The People What We Want – Songs Of The Kinks). Maximum ’65 is a celebration of all things 1965. And, regardless of some of these tunes’ actual release dates, this is a stellar collection of winning Brit/pop that contributed to one fine, vintage year for pop music. One of MOJO’s earliest (and best) comps. The Black Keys – The Live EP might be more of a promotional union than anything else, but it produced this nifty live disc that, unless I’m mistaken, was later commercially released (or something). Check the archives for about 80 more MOJOs. Three more next Sunday.

MOJO Presents: The Modern Genius Of Ray Davies (March 2006)
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE Better Things (3:07)
STEVE WYNN This Strange Effect (2:47)
REDD KROSS Fancy (2:52)
MUDHONEY Who Will Be The Next In Line (2:09)
THE THANES You Shouldn’t Be Sad (1:56)
BILL LLOYD This Is Where I Belong (2:04)
* THE GREEN PAJAMAS A Long Way From Home (2:46)
YO LA TENGO No Return (2:00)
* KEVIN TIHISTA Situation Vacant (2:58)
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY Tell Me Now So I Know (1:58)
* PETER BRUNTNELL Waterloo Sunset (3:26)
MARK LANEGAN Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl (4:12)
ED KUEPPER Steam Train (7:35)
GRAVENHURST See My Friends (8:48)

MOJO: Maximum ’65 (September 2000)
SMALL FACES Get Yourself Together (2:17)
JOHN MAYALL/BLUESBREAKERS I’m Your Witchdoctor (2:13)
DAVID BOWIE I Can’t Help Thinking About Me (2:47)
DONOVAN Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) (3:12)
P.P. ARNOLD (If You Think You’re) Groovy (2:58)
THE 5AM EVENT Hungry (2:28)
FLEUR DE LYS Circles (3:05)
THE SORROWS Take A Heart (3:16)
THE TIMEBOX Soul Sauce (2:59)
THE CLIQUE We Didn’t Kiss, We Didn’t Love, But Now We Do (2:35)
THE SPECTRES (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet (2:21)
THE CARNABYS Jump And Dance (2:39)
THE POETS Baby Don’t You Do It (2:29)
BILLY NICOLLS London Social Degree (2:23)
THE SEARCHERS Popcorn Double Feature (2:59)
STATUS QUO You’re Just What I Was Looking For (3:50)
CHRIS FARLOWE Handbags And Gladrags (4:00)
PENTANGLE Light Flight (3:17)
THE KINKS Waterloo Sunset (3:12)

MOJO: The Black Keys – The Live EP (December 2007)
No Trust (4:40)
Girl Is On My Mind (4:50)
10am Automatic (3:04)
Elevator (3:43)


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