GLENN TILBROOK The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook + The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tillbrook (Squeeze)

The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook DeluxeThe Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook (2001)
2CD Faux Deluxe With Scattered Bonus Tracks And A Very Cool Out Of Print Bonus Disc

There have been at least 4 (maybe 5) subtly different versions of The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook, the debut solo album from the on-and-off Squeeze frontman. The standard 12-track album has also had an import release featuring a very cool bonus disc, The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tilbrook, which we’ve had posted in the archives since 2010. Other versions of the album, both domestic and foreign, have shuffled various configurations of five bonus tracks, which we’ve gathered together here for this faux Deluxe Edition (see our other Deluxe concoctions, below). This is Tilbrook’s first without longtime writing partner Chris Difford, but it was largely embraced by fans who had sometimes questioned the viability of the previous couple of Squeeze offerings. Before you email me about weird edit/skip near the beginning of “Up The Creek,” that is apparently the way its supposed to sound. I have the CD, but downloaded another version to check it… and it was exactly the same.The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tilbrook Disc The bonus track, “One Dark Moment (Acoustic Version),” is the same that appears on The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tillbrook bonus disc (but I left it intact to avoid any more emails), while the piano version of “Parallel World” is a gorgeous addition that began as an EP bonus before making it to the 2005 Japanese CD (thanks to kouzie for getting it to us). There’s a lot more Tilbrook & Squeeze in the archives, HERE (including the “non-Squeeze” LP, Difford & Tilbrook, HERE). The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tilbrook is long gone, but The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook is at Amazon, HERE.

The Incomplete Glenn Tillbrook
This Is Where You Ain’t (4:07)
Observatory (3:56)
Parallel World (3:46)
Morning (4:44)
One Dark Moment (3:38)
G.S.O.H. Essential (4:12)
Up the Creek (3:14)
Other World (4:26)
Interviewing Randy Newman (4:06)
You See Me (3:14)
I Won’t See You (3:57)
We Went Thataway (4:45)
One Dark Moment (Acoustic Version) (3:13) – Bonus Track
This Is Where You Ain’t (“Now That’s What I Call Now, Mate” Version) (4:05) This Is Where You Ain’t EP
Sunday Breakfast Treat (3:14) This Is Where You Ain’t EP
By The Light Of The Cash Machine (2:31) Parallel World EP
Parallel World (Piano Version) (4:10) Parallel World EP

Bonus Disc – The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tillbrook
Morning (4:13)
I Won’t See You (3:30)
This Is Where You Ain’t (3:36)
Interviewing Randy Newman (3:50)
Observatory (3:29)
One Dark Moment (3:13)
Other World (3:22)
Parallel World (3:27)
G.S.O.H. Essential (2:59)

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  • Willard
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    Find it HERE.

  • Gatz
    August 15, 2013 - 15:51 | Permalink

    Thanks! I look forward to hearing it. I’m going to see a solo Tilbrook gig in November but only know his Squeeze work.

  • August 22, 2013 - 15:07 | Permalink

    since you have this in your possession, maybe you can answer a question for me, which I can not seem to find an answer to anywhere online. Who did the cover artwork? I’m assuming it was not commissioned for this album. Thanks!

    • Willard
      August 22, 2013 - 16:27 | Permalink

      HAD this in my possession. Sold it years ago.

  • August 22, 2013 - 16:29 | Permalink

    Back to the drawing board, I guess. Thanks anyway.

    • Willard
      November 30, 2015 - 13:01 | Permalink

      Actually, much to my surprise, I have the CD on the shelf (just not the acoustic disc). According to the liner notes… “Artwork design and layout by Sukie Green. Illustrations taken from picture courtesy of Marie Evans Picture Library.” That last sentence is a bit confusing, but that’s what it says. I think it means that the front and back cover are from the same illustration.

      • November 30, 2015 - 13:07 | Permalink

        Thanks for the info, Willard! I am looking at the picture library now. It must be some old illustration.

        • Willard
          November 30, 2015 - 13:12 | Permalink

          Sorry it took soooo long. I’m about to update this post into a (faux) Deluxe Edition this week and was shocked to find the original CD on my shelf.

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    Fab – cheers!

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