THE RECORDS Paying For The Summer Of Love (1978)

Paying For The Summer Of Love (1978)
UK Power Pop Band’s 1978 Demos

In the late 70s, the short-lived UK power pop band The Records churned out meaty slices of harmonic pop that, for reasons unknown, just seemed to vanish amid the changing of the Punk/New Wave guards. Even Jude Cole’s recruitment in 1980-81 didn’t seem to help the band that arose from the ashes of beloved pubsters, The Kursaal Flyers. Too bad, too. As can be heard in these pre-debut demos, The Records’ appeal is clearly tangible on soon-to-be-ignored pop blueprints like “Starry Eyes” and “Teenarama.” Most of these high-quality, (nearly) live in the studio demos would be re-recorded and polished for their 1979 debut, Shades In Bed (a.k.a. The Records in the US), HERE. Most prefer these stripped, pure pop versions over the official album. Sadly, the group splintered in 1982, but these demos (which first surfaced in 1990) are textbook pop. The “Coca-Cola Jingle” is a re-working of the band’s own “Teenarama,” which name-checks the sugared water confection. This set has since been reissued (with a new cover). Amazon.

Up All Night

Wives and Mothers of Tomorrow

Girls That Don’t Exist

Held Up High

Coin Machine

Starry Eyes

All Messed Up and Ready to Go


Affection Rejected

The Phone

Hearts in Her Eyes

Coca-Cola Jingle

If I Write Your Number in My Book



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    One of the best Power Pop bands on earth! Thanks for reminding us about this band.


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    Some terrific live tracks on their MySpace page..

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    one of the best bands that nobody seems to know.i know them only because of my dad. but love this stuff. great underated band

  • Capt. Willard
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    Find it HERE.

  • Frankie
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    Thanks Willard . This is good stuff. Willard would you happen to have Mark Radice 1st album it was released in 1971 .It had the song "New Day" on it. Thanks in advance .

  • Capt. Willard
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    Don't know that one, Frankie.

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    Thanks anyway Willard.

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