PATRICIA BARBER Companion (1999)

Companion (1999)
Live… & Too Cool

Patricia Barber received crossover notice via a high profile ad campaign by CD retailer, Best Buy, and her 1998 album, Modern Cool, became a minor breakthrough hit. Blue Note piggybacked the success with this quickly released follow-up – an intimately recorded, 40 minute, 1999 Chicago club date EP, Companion – Barber’s sultry and menacing spin on confessional avant jazz & jazz standards. Her lurid, emotionally detached vocals can be uncomfortably intimate. Her smooth cool reading of Sonny Bono’s “The Beat Goes On,” breathes nuance into the song’s message, and the live, slow fade is masterful. She’s fearless on keys, too. Hear Barber’s admiringly detailed character assassination, “Touch of Trash,” below. There’s a $75 MFSL version @ Amazon.

The Beat Goes On (Sonny Bono)
Use Me (Bill Withers)
Like JT
Let It Rain
Touch Of Trash
If This Isn’t Jazz
Black Magic Woman
(Peter Green)



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    This is a great one, glad to obtain a safety copy! thanks

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