MOJO PRESENTS x 3: Blues Power (2004), Chili Peppers Jukebox (2004) & Southern Soul (2005)

Three more freebies from MOJO. Blues Power is one of the UK magazine’s earliest releases, and part of a series of four MOJO CDs referred to as Music Guides. And, while it’s yet another in an endless series of old blues men comps, it is still one of their best, as the track list below should confirm. Chili Peppers Jukebox is a collection of personal favorites, as selected by members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and includes a diverse selection ranging from Adolescents to Zappa. Southern Soul is an outstanding collection of rock ‘n’ soul and juke joint R&B, as filtered through the deep south. It’s a new MOJO fave for me. Big thanks to Logan, who answered our call for missing discs and took the time & trouble to rip and send all three of these for us to enjoy. Thanks Logan! All of these are currently under a buck at Amazon. There’s more in the archives. Three more next Sunday.

MOJO: Blues Power (April 2004)
JOHN LEE HOOKER Boom Boom (2:34)
JIMMY REED I Ain’t Got You (2:21)
BO DIDDLEY Who Do You Love? (2:27)
T-BONE WALKER Stormy Monday (3:01)
ODETTA Midnight Special (2:36)
HOWLIN’ WOLF Spoonful (2:46)
GUITAR SLIM Things That I Used To Do (3:02)
FREDDY KING Hide Away (2:37)
SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Fattening Frogs For Snakes (2:22)
OTIS RUSH I Can’t Quit You Baby (3:05)
MUDDY WATERS Mannish Boy (3:49)
SON HOUSE John The Revelator (2:31)
LEADBELLY Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (3:05)


MOJO: Chili Peppers Jukebox (July 2004)
GANG OF FOUR Natural’s Not In It (3:08)
CIRCLE JERKS Group Sex (1:04)
OHIO PLAYERS Fopp (3:51)
ADOLESCENTS L.A. Girl (1:49)
THE WEIRDOS Life Of Crime (2:21)
JAMES CHANCE Contort Yourself (Original Version) (3:09)
JAMES BROWN There Was A Time (3:37)
BLONDE REDHEAD Elephant Woman (4:49)
THE SLITS Typical Girls (3:56)
DESCENDENTS Myage (2:02)
THE WIPERS D-7 (4:07)
HARMONIA Dino (3:32)
FRANK ZAPPA Son Of Mr Green Genes (9:01)
FUNKADELIC Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow (10:06)


MOJO PRESENTS: Southern Soul (May 2005)
ETTA JAMES Tell Mamma (2:19)
IKE & TINA TURNER Mojo Queen (2:11)
SAM & DAVE I Thank You (2:43)
THE MAR-KEYS Plantation Inn (2:35)
LITTLE MILTON We’re Gonna Make It (2:37)
ROGER & THE GYPSIES Pass The Hatchet (2:55)
EDDIE FLOYD I’ll Take Her (2:32)
DON VARNER Mojo Mamma (2:36)
THE KNIGHT BROTHERS Temptation ‘Bout To Get Me (3:20)
O.V. WRIGHT Drowning On Dry Land (2:48)
ERMA FRANKLIN Light My Fire (2:37)
JAMES CARR Pouring Water On A Drowning Man (2:38)
MAVIS STAPLES A House Is Not A Home (4:26)
JOHNNY ADAMS Lonely Man (2:34)
IRMA THOMAS Long After Tonight Is Over (2:31)


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    Thanks for these Willard! I’ve subscribed to MOJO for several years and love their comps, but a few have slipped thru my grasp like these. Thanks again.

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      We’re running low on known Mojo comps. I think I’ve got about 6 weeks left. I’ll post a complete list next month and we’ll see if we’re missing any.

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    Thanks for the ups. Great quality. Still, Southern Soul reads corrupted when I try to open it. Can you re-up it?

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      aildoux, you need a backup extractor. Just like the Raw Soul you commented on, I downloaded Southern Soul quickly and opened it without any issues. You’re having a problem on your end.

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    OK, I agree. I uped quickly and opened easily Raw Soul & Southern Soul with Chrome. I was using Firefox but for the Mega hostings I’ll use Chrome now I guess. Still, It’s Mega that’s finicky. Other hosts are more flexible. Anyway, if others have the same problem, I recommend they try different web browsers. And thanks again for all you’re offering, specially the MOGO collection (wow) and the Zappa tributes. Hours of listening. Life is too short for all the Terabytes of music to listen to.

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