CRISWELL The Legendary Criswell Predicts! (1970)

coverThe Legendary Criswell Predicts! (1970)
… That’s Right, My Friends

An honest-to-god hack. Showbiz psychic Criswell gained a small degree of fame from the 60s variety/talk show circuit, but his “legendary” status in cult circles comes from his appearances in a few of the worst movies ever made, like Plan 9 From Outer Space (HERE) and Orgy Of The Dead, both by acclaimed “worst director” Ed Wood. Criswell was hysterical, not only for his inane predictions, but also for his awful writing and sideshow delivery. These tapes, recorded in the 60s and released in 1970 on Horoscope Records, feature 42 minutes (one track) of Criswell going on about everything from aliens to education pills to odor TV. And, while it’s fun to hear how utterly mad some of his visions were, it’s just as fun to hear what he accidentally gets right. In fact… in his first “prediction” Criswell somehow nails the current political climate of the 21st century to a tee. After that… it’s a hootenanny as Cris prophesizes everything from “brain transplant by vending machine” to “men decorating their genitals” (again, accurate). It’s a classic drug party album of the early 70s, issued on a questionably legit CD in the 90s. You can hear an excerpt below. Don’t miss (Ferris Bueller principal) Jeffrey Jones’ characterization of Criswell in Tim Burton’s film, Ed Wood. Oh, yeah… Cris also predicts the exact date when the world will end. But, to avoid worldwide panic, we won’t divulge that information here.


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    great post!! i visit your blog every day. :)

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    Many thanks.

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    Wow, he really comes out of the gate strong with the dead-on political predictions, but quickly spirals into tangential weirdness. This is delightful. Thanks much.
    -Evan G at Mega Super Mammoth

  • Rob Rob
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    Wow I never dreamed of such a thing!
    An album of Criswell ! I predict awesomeness!!
    thanks so much -I will definetly need a brain transplant later on tonight …

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    I think the us government is working on the vending machine brain transplant. 1st attempt will be made on gw bush! ; (

    Hey, Thanks much and Cheers to ya! CM

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    You're mistaken Coffee,
    It already took place.

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    Wearing the same wigs!
    This is going to be good,cheers dude.

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    excellent man!

    good you´re back!

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    great to have you back !

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    Find it HERE.

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    Got it! thanx…. Almost like reliving a George Putnam commentary.

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    This is one of my all-time favorite posts of yours. Where else would you find esoteric effluvia as unique as this?

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      Still one of my favorite comedy albums.

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