GRATEFUL DEAD Fillmore West, 1969 The Complete Recordings + Bonus Disc (2005) – UPGRADED!

Fillmore West, 1969 – The Complete Recordings (2005)
The Birth Of An Art Form On 10 CDs

One of our earliest posts, from 2007. 10 CDs containing “every note” played by the Grateful Dead at The Fillmore West from February 27 to March 2, 1969. This 2005 internet-only release was limited to 10,000 hard copies, which the Dead sold on their website for an unbelievable $75. Of course, at that price, it pre-sold out before it even officially went on sale. Which makes you wonder if the Dead simply underestimated its appeal or grossly under-priced it just to be good to their ever-devoted fans. Obviously the latter… though, it’s probably a bit of both. These are the original 16 track recordings (state of the art in ‘69) that spawned the measly 1969 double LP, Live/Dead, the album that introduced the Dead’s live group dynamic on record. The Complete Recordings, however, is something else altogether. An indispensable document of the Dead’s evolution from a trippy country blues band into rock’s premier exploratory improvisers. They’d been toying with the blues/jazz/free-form concept for years, but in 1969 – and particularly here – it all came together. The lineup: Pigpen, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart and Tom Constanten. We’ve been meaning to upgrade this post for years, and are now able to, thanks to Don From Oregon. We’ve got more Dead in the archives, HERE. Find used hard copies (maybe even my old one) at Amazon, HERE. Track Listings in are in Comments.

Fillmore West, 1969 Bonus Disc (2005)
Because 10
CDs For $75 Wasn’t Good Enough

Here’s the bonus disc that came with the box set, Fillmore West, 1969 – The Complete Recordings. It contains almost 80 minutes of unreleased recordings from The Carousel Ballroom/Fillmore West, 1968 to 1970, kicking off with a 30 minute plus “Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)” (from The Fillmore East, actually) and ending with a fragile, 1970 version of “High Time,” which you can hear below.

Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) (The Fillmore East, June 14, 1968)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (June 8, 1969)
China Cat Sunflower (June 8, 1969)
New Potato Caboose (June 8, 1969)
China Cat Sunflower (February 7, 1970)
I Know You Rider (February 7, 1970)
High Time (February 7, 1970)


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    Search HERE

    DISC 1 – February 27, 1969
    Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
    Doin' That Rag
    That’s It For The Other One/Cryptical Envelopment

    DISC 2
    Dupree's Diamond Blues
    Mountains Of The Moon
    Dark Star
    St. Stephen
    The Eleven
    Turn On Your Love Light
    Cosmic Charlie

    DISC 3 – February 28, 1969
    Morning Dew
    Good Morning Little School Girl
    Doin' That Rag
    I'm A King Bee
    Turn On Your Love Light

    DISC 4
    That’s It For The Other One/Cryptical Envelopment
    Dark Star
    St. Stephen
    The Eleven
    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    DISC 5
    Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
    We Bid You Goodnight

    DISC 6 – March 1, 1969
    That’s It For The Other One/Cryptical Envelopment
    New Potato Caboose
    Doin' That Rag
    Cosmic Charlie

    DISC 7
    Dupree's Diamond Blues
    Mountains Of The Moon
    Dark Star
    St. Stephen
    The Eleven
    Turn On Your Love Light
    Hey Jude

    DISC 8 – March 2, 1969
    Dark Star
    St. Stephen
    The Eleven
    Turn On Your Love Light

    DISC 9
    Doin' That Rag
    That’s It For The Other One/Cryptical Envelopment
    Death Don't Have No Mercy
    Morning Dew

    DISC 10
    Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
    We Bid You Goodnight

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    divshare has worked fine for me. If you don't LUUUUUVVVV Live/Dead, you're wasting your time on this one. In my case, words fail me in expressing the gleeful delight in getting these legendary shows, since no longer hosts them.

    A million thank yous, Capt. Willard.

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    I'm having a bit of trouble with the #8 MF link – the new one. It's sticking after the start DL step… but I'll give it a shot later. It's happened once or twice with MF before, seems to be self correcting.

    Thanks again. Great site. Anything you're looking for to return the favor? Just ask.

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    Just gotta say:
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    domo arigato, capt. trips and you too willard, and remember death don't have no mercy in this land…
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    Lord, I love the Tom Constanten era of the Dead's evolution. Thank you so much for making these available. I may have been a filthy greedhog in the past and not thanked you for the Richard Thompson rarities compilations and other items that I downloaded from your site, but just for the record, you are an extremely awesome individual. Many, many thanks. I'll try to do better from now on.

    I'm a little man, I'm a little man, you're… you're a great man. I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas…

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    i bought my first dead lp in 1973 (live/dead) just because i liked the cover art … then a 13 year old teen the music occured to me as a load of real shit … the lp sat untouched in my shelf ever since … now 35 years later i thought ill give it one more try … hmmm … and what shall i say… i am absolute fanatic about the record now … funny, took me 35 years to bring out the deadhead in me – lol – thank you so much for this beautiful post willard …

    if somebody knows where to dl the dead box-sets "beyond description" and/or "golden road", plz plz lemme know ;-)

    a new born deadhead

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    Are any of you dead-heads from outside the U.S., I know it's sacrilege to say that non-yanks can appreciate the dead , but some of us brits do as well. Does anyone recall seeing the dead in Hollywood, (not L.A., but a very rainy weekend in the north of England). How about the Ally-Pally, or the Rainbow, still, the road goes on forever, thanks Willard for this, and the bonus as well. Incidentally, not just 'B.D.' or 'G.R.', but the set produced by Arista back in '99, 'So Many Roads', that's a brilliant set, anyway, keep on truckin'.

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    All i can say is WOW!!, I thought the original 'Live/Dead' was good, then they brought out 'Golden Road', and it got better, now this. Pride of place, along with all the other 'Dead' stuff I have, and one more reason to believe that truly great music really does get better with age, both that of the music itself, and me. Thanks again Willard.

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    Sorry… I don't post album art. I'm sure there are a few places out there that do, though. If it matters, the artwork was pretty crappy (NOT the box or its contents… just the actual art) – using the same cover for each disc package, just in different colors. Good luck on the quest.

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    I will give to those who need, even when I am unemployed and lost my job. wow, hope this thread goes out into cyberspace and may give others ideas. I know I cant change the world, but my actions help my little town. everybody help out in your own town, and city. then we all can do something good. stay positive.

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    Brilliant – thanks. I missed out on the original sale because GD didn't supply to Spin (their usual UK outlet) even though it was pre-ordered – and have tried and failed a few times on eBay as I'm not willing to go over £150/$200. This fills a big gap in my GD listening.

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      Just looked (click the cover art). Whoo-hoo! Guess I should have held on to mine a bit longer. I think I got $400 (or was it $500) for mine… and was quite happy about it (then).

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      Just tried #9 and it seems to be working fine. I usually advise using a different browser, but if the others are working OK for you that shouldn’t be the issue. Try it again later and, if it’s not working, describe in detail what it’s doing.

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      Yep. That’s why I drew attention to it in the text.

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    Thanks Willard I’ve missed out on that one. I did buy the May ’77 box, though Belgian customs kept it just ’til I payed a bit extra ($ 50,00).

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