LORI CARSON Everything I Touch Runs Wild (1996)

Everything I Touch Runs Wild (1996)
Resist The Urge To Stalk Her – 2CD Version

he has solid artistic cred as the occasional vocalist for the great Golden Palominos (Anton Fier & Bill Laswell, who also appear here) and the cover finds her decked out in prime Lauren Bacall mode. But, when first hearing Lori Carson’s breathy, fragile and girlish vocals, one might mistakenly think her one of those sensitive singer/songwriters that we males instinctively avoid. It’s possible she may be, but listen anyway to what she’s singing about. Carson’s sometimes scarred narratives, accompanied by home recorded instrumentation or the occasional looped beats, have received consistent raves from mainstream media (from Time to Stone) for almost 20 years – despite Carson’s quite obvious attempts to undermine any mainstream success. She’ll casually drop a “fuck” in the middle of an otherwise quiet acoustic ballad and has no problem confiding in you about the boyfriend who (she practically whispers) “beat me black and blue.” Don’t be surprised if you’re overcome with a sincere desire to find her and protect her like a big brother. Carson’s a quality songwriter and expressionist worth your time, if you can resist the temptation to dismiss her style as fem-centric. Everything I Touch Runs Wild is for quiet moments, to be sure, but her honesty and mystical appeal just may shake your macho sensibilities. Once she gets under your skin, you’ll get it. Her cover of Rundgren’s “I Saw The Light” and the added trip-hop mixes on this rarer 2CD version are cool, too.

Something’s Got Me (5:31)
Make A Little Luck (4:18)
Black Thumb (4:55)
Snow Come Down (4:34)
Whole Heart (5:30)
Fade (4:39)
Souvenir (4:26)
Train (5:15)
Greener (3:22)
I Saw The Light (3:51)
Something’s Got Me (Original) (5:01)

2 (Trip Mixes)
Something’s Got Me (Curse Of The Voodoo Swamp Mix) (6:16)
Something’s Got Me (Think Slink Mix) (5:32)
I Saw The Light (Homegrown Fantasy Mix) (4:05)
Something’s Got Me (Instant Drip Hop Mix) (6:17)


  • Art Ducko
    September 29, 2009 - 06:07 | Permalink

    Great late night mood music. I love her voodoo swamp mix on 'Something's Got Me'. The lady is a vamp.

  • Capt. Willard
    November 10, 2009 - 23:02 | Permalink

    FORGOT TO MENTION… Disc 2, track 2 featues a couple of seconds of distortion at the beginning. That's on the original disc and, judging from its stereo separation, was done on purpose.

  • Capt. Willard
    November 27, 2010 - 01:13 | Permalink

    Find it all HERE.

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