PINK FLOYD At Pompeii (1972), HAWKWIND At Stonehenge (1980) & GRATEFUL DEAD At The Pyramids (1978)

Pompeii, Stonehenge, The Pyramids
Do cosmic locales actually aid in producing cosmic music? At first glance, you’d guess not, as none of these recordings are considered among any of the bands’ best. In fact, all these bands have produced far more cosmic results in plain old, union-run recording studios. But… give them credit for trying. Here are three stabs at
cosmicity via Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and the Grateful Dead. Drugs not included.

At Pompeii (1972)

As it includes film dialog, I’ve always enjoyed the “soundtrack” version of At Pompeii, as it has a bit more of a stoner vibe than the actual performance tapes. I might be alone in that assessment, but the fresher DVD mixes seem to help. At Pompeii sounds good, right up there with any Floyd title you’d care to name (despite the obvious edit in “Echoes Part 1”). This is the cool, jammin’, everybody-wanted-to-be-in-a-band-like-Pink Floyd era, when a hookah-decorated apartment, a thoughtful color scheme and the right chemical compounds could turn an evening of record-spinning into a mind-altering event. Eight hours later… you still can’t remember what all the screaming was about. Sorry, but I don’t know what cover art applies to these hard drive files of At Pompeii.

Echoes, Part I (18:48)
Careful With That Axe Eugene (8:56)
A Saucerful Of Secrets (12:18)
One Of This Days (11:23)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (12:17)
Brain Damage (6:58)
Us And Them (4:24)
Mademoiselle Nobbs (2:05)
Echoes Part, II

This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic (1980/1984)

Hawkwind’s stand at Stonehenge, This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic, is actually a pretty solid live album from the long standing space warriors. Even featuring legendary drummer Ginger Baker on the 1980 recordings. But, only the last two tracks (about 12 minutes, from 1984) were actually recorded at the original house of rock, so apparently these guys weren’t feeling all that cosmic about the Stonehenge experience themselves. Still… it’s Stonehenge, and any time you think of rock ‘n’ roll & the world’s most mysterious rock formation, it easily enables others to read your mind.

PSY Power (5:09)
Levitation (7:19)
Circles (5:41)
Space Chase (3:23)
Death Trap (4:42)
Angels Of Death (6:29)
Shot Down In The Night (7:13)
Stonehenge Decoded (8:20)
Watching The Grass Grow (3:40)

Live At Giza 9.15.78

In 1978, the Grateful Dead hung out for a while at the Giza Pyramids to ride some camels and make some noise. While the Dead could be cosmic enough on their own, the Pyramids must have upped the ante, right? Well… it took them over 30 years to officially release the tapes, so you be the judge. What we’re offering here is a 3CD soundboard version that was floating around before the band finally put together a lavish box set of the event. This might help you decide if you want to invest in it, even though these unofficial tapes have some sound issues. The Internet Archive has more streaming tapes from the Giza run. Again, no cover art for this one.

Ollin Arrageed > (33:40)
The Promised Land (4:30)
Friend Of The Devil (9:27)
Mama Tried > (2:42)
Big River (7:12)
Loser (8:24)
I Need A Miracle (6:35)
Stagger Lee (6:51)
Jack Straw (8:37)
Ship Of Fools (9:23)
Estimated Prophet > (11:56)
Eyes Of The World > (13:15)
Drums > (6:14)
Space > (4:41)
Terrapin Station > (11:27)
Sugar Magnolia (10:38)


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    Find them all HERE.

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    Dude, is this old-home week, or what? I can't stop flashing back, & that only means one thing. Are you my wake up call, & which Matrix movie am I on? Okay… two things. Whoa.

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    OK, in honor of Pompeii & Giza, for both of which many thanks, I'll give Hawkwind a shot. (I kinda wrote them off back in about 1970.) Are you sure this isn't Spinal Tap?

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    Oh… you will hear some Tap.

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    Give a listen to "Watching The Grass Grow," (and its introduction) for some flashback Tap.

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    Thanks for this. With any luck the sleeve notes will be readable enough to find out where the other Hawkwind tracks come from. 84 was the last year I went to 'Henge, thankfully. Had I gone the next year I would have had my home trashed in the beanfield like so many friends. (If you don't know your Stonehenge history, just google 'Battle of the Beanfield'.)

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    Finally the mighty Hawkwind make an appearance here! I really dig this one, thanks for posting it here!

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    Pompeii and Giza for me….2 great concerts that will be listened to in the months to come….thanks for the share….cheers.

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    3 of my favorite bands on one post? Now that is rather nice thank you Willard

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